‘New Girl’: Did Jess Day End Up With The Wrong Guy?

New Girl ended in 2018 with an eight-episode season. In that final season, fans were treated to a time jump that found the mismatched groups of friends settled into brand new lives. Shmidt and Cece Parikh were married with a child, while Nick Miller and Jess Day had just completed a book tour. In the final episode of the series, fans found out that Nick and Jess got married, bought a house, and had a baby. While the ending might have sat well with viewers who believed Nick and Jess belonged together, there is a small group of New Girl fans who strongly argue that Jess ended up with the wrong guy. If Nick wasn’t the one for Jess, who should she have ended up with?

Doctor Sam Sweeney  seemed like a good fit for some fans

While Nick and Jess’s pairing is popular with fans, Doctor Sam Sweeney is equally well-liked. Sam, for all of his faults, really did seem to care deeply for Jess, despite his attempts to prevent himself from developing feelings. Sure, he was only looking for a casual relationship when they met in a roundabout way, but he was totally honest about it. When he did develop feelings for Jess, he told her exactly how he felt, and he did the same when he found out Jess and Nick had kissed.  

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Sure, things got weird in Season 5 between Jess and Sam, but he was still, at the end of the day, a really good guy. He seemed to understand and accept Jess’ quirkiness, and the two were definitely on the same level. If it weren’t for Nick, it is entirely possible that Jess and Sam could have ended up together.

Some viewers think Paul Genzlinger was the right choice

Paul Genzlinger, played by Justin Long, was a quirky music teacher at Jess’ job. The pair dated through the first season but ended their relationship when it was clear that Paul’s feelings were a lot deeper than Jess’s feelings. Paul was also an ugly crier, and, frankly, Jess and her friends were not willing to forget that fact. Paul and Jess hookup once after they break up, but that actually led to Paul asking his girlfriend to marry him.

Jake Johnson as Nick Miller and Zooey Deschanel as Jessica Day
Jake Johnson as Nick Miller and Zooey Deschanel as Jessica Day | FOX Image Collection via Getty Images

So, yes, Jess and Paul were both quirky and strange. They were both teachers and appeared to like the same things. The chemistry, however, was never really there. Frankly, it seemed like Paul and Jess might have been too much alike to work out. Unlike with Sam, Nick was not the reason for Jess and Paul’s failed romance. With or without Nick, their relationship probably would have fizzled out.

Could Russell Schiller have been Jess’s true love?

Russell Schiller and Jess initially connected over his daughter, who was in Jess’s class. Initially, Jess didn’t care for Russell and found him pretentious and difficult, but Cece convinced her to give him a chance since he was completely different from anyone she had ever dated before. Their relationship ultimately failed because Jess didn’t feel the level of passion she had expected to feel.

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While mild-mannered Russell walked off after that, he popped up every so often to turn Jess’s world upside down. In the series finale, Russell confesses his love for Jess, although, it does little to sway her from being with Nick. In the end, Russell and Jess were just too different to work out in the long term. Russell, who was older and set in his ways, didn’t seem to click with Jess’s quirky nature. With or without Nick, the relationship was not built to last.