‘New Girl’: Jake Johnson Confirms Subtle Easter Egg Discovered By Reddit

TV shows are fun to watch, and viewers enjoy finding ways to engage with the material. One method is with fan theories. Theories can be about potential plot twists or involve Easter eggs. New Girl has a theory circulating the internet in regard to all the depictions of bears. 

Some viewers may go back and count how many Thanksgiving episodes New Girl has. Others will take the time to calculate how many times bears appear in each season. Recently, one of the cast members gave insight into the bear theory

‘New Girl’ is a sitcom about a teacher and her roommates

First airing in 2011, New Girl ran for seven seasons and had 146 episodes by the time it ended. Some of the cast members are Zooey Deschanel, Jake Johnson, and Max Greenfield. The show contains elements of comedy and drama for fans to enjoy. 

The premise follows a bubbly teacher named Jessica or “Jess.” At the start, she walks in on her boyfriend having an affair and promptly leaves him. The character moves to LA after answering a Craigslist ad for a new roommate. Jess finds that she will live with three other men, Nick, Schmidt, and Coach. 

Each season focuses on the relationships that form between the characters as they interact with each other. There are a few heartbreaks throughout the show. In the series finale, all the characters are in a relationship, with Nick proposing to Jess. 

In 2018, New Girl ended after its seventh season due to Fox canceling the show. The final season only had eight episodes, and fans felt the creators had rushed it. Regardless, the series had a successful run. 

Fans notice all the bears sprinkled throughout ‘New Girl’

The 'New Girl' cast in pajamas looking disheveled
(L-R) Lamorne Morris, Jake Johnson, Zooey Deschanel, Damon Wayans Jr., Hannah Simone and Max Greenfield in ‘New Girl.’ | FOX Image Collection via Getty Images

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Like any show, New Girl has its fair share of theories. Fans have pointed out that many episodes contain a reference to bears. On forums like Reddit, a user watched each episode to determine the frequency of the references. Bears pop up in season one at least once every episode. 

Later seasons contain more references despite not every episode depicting a bear. The theory goes that every single episode secretly has a bear. However, some of them are not as obvious. Either the characters may mention the word directly, or there might be a visual somewhere on screen. 

Someone may talk about a bear cartoon, or there may be a photo of the animal somewhere. A few fans argue that certain nicknames, like “Winnie the Bish,” are a reference. The theory has somewhat divided the fandom, and several of them are looking into every aspect to search for clues. 

Jake Johnson provides an answer for the bear theory

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Sometimes, creators or actors of a movie or franchise may weigh in on popular theories. They may share their opinions, or they may confirm or deny speculations. Actor Tom Holland joked that the idea about his character being the little boy in Iron Man 2 was real. 

With New Girl, fans may get an answer for the bear theory. On TikTok, an interviewer asked actor Jake Johnson if there was a special reason behind the bears. Johnson replied that the references are a part of an inside joke among the writing staff. 

“And the best is when you are there long enough that eventually, you start realizing that you’re involved in somebody else’s inside joke. And the bear was one of those where it would be like ‘what am I saying the word bear for in this scene?’ and the writer would die laughing,” Johnson explained. 

The viewer can hear the person recording the TikTok video saying, “it’s true.” It seems that all the references were intentional.