Nick Prugo and Alexis Neiers Have Majorly Conflicting Recollections of Their Time in the Bling Ring

The new Netflix documentary, The Real Bling Ring: Hollywood Heist, takes a deep dive into the infamous group of teenagers who went on a crime spree targeting some of the biggest stars of the early 2000s. A 2013 film titled The Bling Ring, starring Emma Watson, brought the tale to the silver screen. But now, those who participated in the robberies are taking their turn to talk about what really happened. The only problem? Alexis Neiers and Nick Prugo have majorly conflicting accounts.

The Real Bling Ring: Hollywood Heist tells audiences from the beginning to expect some conflicting claims in the documentary. Each episode begins with the statement, “The following contains dramatised [sic] scenes and is based on police reports, court records, and sometimes contradictory first hand accounts.” However, once fans start watching, it becomes clear that it’s more than “sometimes.” With almost everything Neiers or Prugo says, the other produces an opposite take.

Alexis Neiers and Nick Prugo stand in front of a gray wall in a production still from the Netflix documentary 'The Real Bling Ring: Hollywood Heist.'
Alexis (Neiers) Haines and Nick Prugo | Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2022

Alexis Neiers claims she didn’t know where the designer clothes Nick Prugo gave away came from

Neiers didn’t accompany Prugo and fellow robber-of-the-stars Rachel Lee on the first outings. However, after Prugo and Lee hit Rachel Bilson’s (The OC, Hart of Dixie) house, they needed to rid themselves of some of the stolen goods. Prugo and Neiers had grown close at this point, so he took what was left of Bilson’s property to Neier’s house so she and her sister could pick through the leftovers. Neiers claims she didn’t know where Prugo acquired all the designer clothes, but Prugo flatly disagrees.

“Um…hello? She knew exactly where the clothes were coming from. Since Paris Hilton’s house, they had received the leftovers of whatever no one else wanted, essentially,” Prugo states to the cameras.

Neiers says in a separate solo interview, “No! It wasn’t like, ‘Here’s Nick, the robber of Paris Hilton who’s got, you know, millions of dollars of jewels. It wasn’t like that.”

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Alexis Neiers also says she thought Nick Prugo was a stylist

Neiers then explains that when her mom asked her, her sister Gabbie, and her friend Tess where they received all of the items, Tess told her, “Oh, from our friend, Nick. He’s a stylist and he’s just loaning us this stuff for right now.”

Because they had been “hanging out with tons of people in the industry,” Neiers said she didn’t think twice about Prugo owning all of the designer products. Prugo, on the other hand, rolls his eyes toward the cameras and simply laughs, “Alexis, you are insane.”

Prugo also adds that Neiers’ mother, Andrea, actually believed he was a stylist, but Niers and Tess knew better.

Nick Prugo says Alexis Neiers knew they were robbing Orlando Bloom’s house; she claims otherwise

Prugo claims that Neiers “wanted in” on their next target because she didn’t want “Rachel’s (Lee) hand me downs.” However, Neiers states that she was “under the influence of opiates and benzos” like Oxycontin. Her addiction became so extreme that she had no idea about the plans to rob Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr’s house. She also states that she didn’t know that’s what they were doing when they arrived. Prugo, on the other hand, claims Neiers was stone-cold sober.

Neiers also states that she “wasn’t aware they were at Orlando Bloom’s house that night,” but Prugo disagrees. “Alexis was very much aware that we were at Orlando Bloom’s house that night,” he tells producers.

Both Prugo and Neiers served jail time for the crimes. Prugo is now married to his husband of five years, while Neiers recently filed for divorce from her husband, Evan Haines.

The Real Bling Ring: Hollywood Heist is currently streaming on Netflix.

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