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Nicki Minaj is one of rap’s modern icons. Cher is one of the all-time pop music icons. Although both artists have numerous fans, they each have reputations for being divas in some circles.

Those reputations weren’t helped when Minaj and Cher feuded back in 2011. It all started when Minaj referenced Cher in one of her songs. This raises a question: Are Minaj and Cher still feuding?

Nicki Minaj in a furry coat | Gilbert Carrasquillo/GC Images

The Nicki Minaj song which started a feud

One of Minaj’s acclaimed early songs was called “Did It On ‘Em.” “Did It On ‘Em” is a diss track against anyone who’s gotten in Minaj’s way. The lyrics of the song feature numerous interesting metaphors.

In one line, Minaj raps “If you could turn back time, Cher/ You used to be here, now you’re gone, Nair.” The former lyric is obviously a reference to Cher’s hit power ballad “If I Could Turn Back Time,” one of the most beloved songs of her career. In the latter line, Minaj seems to says that, like Nair, Cher has come and gone.

Of course, this lyric was controversial among Cher’s fans. They felt Minaj was insulting their icon in a nonsensical way. After all, Cher was still finding success as a touring artist around the time Minaj released “Did It On ‘Em.”

“Did It On ‘Em” by Nicki Minaj

It’s pretty common for a rapper to diss another musician. Most of the time, these disses don’t result in any exchange between the two artists. For example, Eminem dissed Britney Spears multiple times, but Spears doesn’t appear to have commented on the matter.

Cher responds

However, Cher is one of the most outspoken musicians alive. She often takes to Twitter to comment on everything from her social views to historical figures she admires. When a fan asked about Minaj’s lyrics, Cher didn’t hold back.

She tweeted “I’ve seen lots of people come & go! No biggie!” Ouch! The tweet seemed to reference Cher’s incredible longevity in the music industry. At the time  Cher posted the tweet, Minaj was just starting her career, so there was always the possibility Minaj would be a flash in the pan.

“If I Could Turn Back Time” by Cher

Minaj’s then-boyfriend, Safaree Samuel, clapped back at Cher. ” In a similar vein, Minaj tweeted “@cher #stopit5.”

Cher backed down. “U R right! Someone said I was dissed…I’ve been dissed b4, but instead of finding out I just got defensive! I should know better.”

Is Nicki Minaj influenced by Cher?

Nicki Minaj with “Cher hair” | Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic

Since then, Minaj and Cher don’t seem to have crossed paths. However, Chantel Morel of Bravo says Minaj has taken some inspiration from Cher’s signature style. Specifically, Morel identified Minaj as one of the celebrities to flaunt “Cher hair” – very long, straight, black hair. 

Did Minaj get the style from Cher herself or one of her imitators? We’ll never know. However, Minaj and Cher certainly know how to create some interesting online drama.

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