Nicolas Cage Has ‘About 12’ Tattoos, but He Doesn’t Often Show Them

Nicolas Cage is one of the world’s most interesting and innovative actors. A pop-culture personality and a performer, Cage has been in Hollywood a long time. He’s appeared in everything from National Treasure to Moonstruck, and over time, he has become one of the entertainment industry’s most beloved stars. 

Fans love debating all things Cage. And the actor recently gave them even more to talk about. He sat down for an interview where he opened up about the number of tattoos on his body. 

How many tattoos did Nicolas Cage reveal he has?

Nicolas Cage tattoo
Nicolas Cage attends the Los Angeles special screening of “The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent” at DGA Theater Complex on April 18, 2022 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Rodin Eckenroth/WireImage)

Recently, Cage sat down for a Wired autocomplete interview, where he answered some of the internet’s most pressing Cage-related questions. One of the questions in the interview was regarding his mysterious tattoos. In response to the question, “how many tattoos does Nicolas Cage have?” he said, “I think about 12.” 

The Vampire’s Kiss star has had to cover up his tattoos for many of his roles. So the actor’s admission that he has close to a dozen tattoos might surprise some of his fans. Still, over the years, there have been a few rumors about some of his most prominent tattoos and the circumstances surrounding the inking. According to a 2014 Time report, one of Cage’s tattoos is on his back. It allegedly features art of a lizard in a top hat. Cage told the Philadelphia Inquirer in 1994 that the tattoo was designed to help him “claim” his body. “Other cultures have initiations into manhood and that’s what the tattoo was for me,” he said.

Nicolas Cage allegedly had to cover up his most famous tattoo

In 2007, Cage played Johnny Blaze/Ghost Rider in the action flick Ghost Rider. Ironically enough, Cage reportedly had to cover up a Ghost Rider tattoo on his body to play the Marvel superhero. Some fans on Reddit discussed this, with one writing, “Actor has a Ghost Rider tattoo we better cgi it out in our movie . . . . Ghost Rider.” A fan replied to the comment, remarking, “I mean it’d be weird to have a Ghost Rider tattoo before you know about the Ghost Rider. It’s also just too on the nose. “

Some fans speculated about the process of covering up the tattoo. Some believe the film crew covered it with CGI rather than traditional makeup. “They used CGI for some reason. Not make-up,” one Reddit user wrote. These days, rumors still swirl about Cage’s possible involvement in future Ghost Rider films. But if those movies don’t come to fruition, fans always have the 2007 cult classic. 

Nicolas Cage reportedly once tried to get a tattoo when he was drunk

Like many others before and since Nicolas Cage reportedly made a drunk decision involving a tattoo. In April 2011, the Daily Mail reported Cage visited a New Orleans tattoo parlor and “demanded” to get a tattoo. The publication writes that sources allege Cage was “throwing clothes around” during his visit and appeared to be intoxicated. While it is unknown if the actor received a tattoo during this incident, the Daily Mail notes that just hours after Cage visited the tattoo shop, he was arrested for being involved in a “public fight” with his then-wife, Alice Kim.

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