Nicolas Cage Once Recalled A Terrifying Experience with A Home Invader

For Nicolas Cage, life once imitated art. The Trespass actor, who starred in a film with Nicole Kidman about a home invasion, dealt with an intruder in his home in real life. The bizarre fan encounter has left an indelible impression on the 90s superstar, who called the home invasion a terrifying experience.

Nicolas Cage recalls terrifying fan encounter

Nicolas Cage posing wearing a suit
Nicolas Cage | JC Olivera/Getty Images

In a resurfaced interview with Extra TV, City of Angels star Nicolas Cage described a brief and bizarre encounter he had with a fan. The incident took place in Cage’s home, where the fan appeared naked at Cage’s bed. The perpetrator had a fudgesicle in hand.

“It was terrifying. I know it sounds funny, but it was terrifying,” Cage said. “When I was out of town working, he would go into my house. And he would go through my wardrobe.”

Cage went into a little more detail about how he woke up one night to finally come face to face with his intruder.

“I woke up, and there was a naked man who had got my leather jacket eating a fudgesicle in front of my bed,” Cage told Extra TV. “I used verbal judo, and I just said, ‘Get out of my house, what are you doing in my house? You gotta leave or I’m calling the police.’”

According to, Cage didn’t press any charges since the intruder had mental health problems. But Cage couldn’t stay in his house in Newport Beach. According to the OCR, Cage sold his mansion for $35 million after the home invasion incident. Gas station owner Jerry Herbst ended up purchasing the house from Cage.

Home Invaders once stole Nicolas Cage’s Superman comic

The incident at Newport Beach wasn’t Nicolas Cage’s first experience with home invaders. Years earlier, home invaders infiltrated The National Treasure Star’s mansion and stole a Superman comic book worth over $1 million. It wasn’t just any Superman comic book, however. It was the comic where Superman first debuted back in 1938.

“It’s the most important and valuable comic book,” Stephen Fishler said, who sold the comic to Nicolas Cage according to ABC news. “Before this book was published, there was no such thing as a superhero. It really created the comic industry.”

ABC news revealed that Nicolas Cage reported the item stolen on January 21, 2000.

The comic was later thought to be found two years later in Memphis, Tennessee. But after investigating the lead with a search warrant, the alleged comic was proven to be fake. The real comic was found in 2011 in a locker in Southern California. Detective Donald Hrycyk, who’d been on the case since 2000, verified the comic belonged to Cage through abbreviations and markings on the book.

The Guardian reported that a movie based on the theft and recovery of Cage’s Superman comic was in the works. As of 2021, however, no update has been offered on the movie.

Nicolas Cage sold recovered Superman comic at auction

Shortly after recovering his stolen Superman comic, The Hollywood Reporter claimed the actor sold the book at an auction. Cage received $2.1 million for the rare item and was the first comic ever to sell that much at an auction.

Cage went through a string of financial troubles around that time period. The actor was once worth $150 million according to CNBC. But Cage’s spending habits left him in enormous debt that negatively impacted his net worth. The actor might’ve sold the precious and rare comic to help recover his finances.

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