Nicole Kidman’s Secret Behind Her Curls in ‘The Undoing’ Is Hair Oil

Nicole Kidman‘s enviable bohemian curls in The Undoing appeared to be a Herculean challenge for her team. But in reality, Kidman shared it comes down to maintenance – at least for those with naturally curly hair.

Kidman revealed that years of coloring her strawberry-hued locks, plus using a straightener dialed down the health of her curls. “I wish I had my curls back,” she told InStyle. Adding, “I tortured them to death. I always say, ‘Don’t ruin the ringlets!'” As a result of the “torture,” she leans into hair oils, especially when she’s not working, to restore her mane’s natural curl and glow.

Nicole Kidman is seen on set for 'The Undoing' in Central Park
Nicole Kidman is seen on set for ‘The Undoing’ in Central Park| Gotham/GC Images

Nicole Kidman uses hair oils and a natural approach to style her hair

Kidman prefers hair products like In Fiore Calendula Solution, Kérastase Discipline Oléo-Curl, and Moroccanoil Hydrating Styling Cream. Since curly hair can trend frizzy, she credits the styling cream as a taming serum. Kidman also skips using any styling tools and allows her hair to air dry, especially when she’s not on camera.

Kidman has also suggested using a “natural” rinse depending on your hair color. “If you have red hair, try washing it in cranberry juice, and if you’re blonde, a champagne rinse can work wonder,” she revealed.

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“Do I wish that I hadn’t screwed up my hair by straightening it all the time? Sure,” Kidman told The Sydney Morning Herald. Adding, “I’ve had skin cancer; do I wish I’d been more careful with the sun? Yes, to all those things. But am I grateful to be around? Oh, yeah. And am I willing to share my knowledge, what I’ve learnt along the way? Absolutely.”

For mere mortals to achieve Kidman’s hair game, beauty bloggers suggest adding extensions but also use a curling iron to create the windblown curls.

Nicole Kidman’s makeup in ‘The Undoing’ went hand in hand with her hair

She finished off her natural look with natural makeup. Her personal makeup artist, Kyra Panchenko shared how she helped Kidman to achieve a natural glow to match her stunning mane of hair.

“This was the circumstances of a director knowing exactly what she wanted: ‘I want big, red, curly hair. I want her bohemian-looking, I don’t want too much makeup,'” Panchenko told Backstage. “She gave us exactly what she wanted, and she did not want anything else.” Adding, “She wanted it red, she didn’t want it blonde. [And] she wanted a minimal lip, minimal face, dark nails. That was our guide to that whole entire look.”

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Panchenko added that hair and makeup play off each other. “It is a part of that process,” she said. “It’s the clothes, the hair, the makeup. Once that all comes together, it’s supposed to fall in place. You’re rehearsing, you figure out this character, you start to see the wig go on and you’re looking at it going, ‘Oh, wow. That’s interesting.’”