‘Nine Perfect Strangers’ Episode 6 Gives 1 Guest a Motive for Threatening Masha

Nine Perfect Strangers is asking important questions about healing and grief, but the Hulu series also presents a central mystery at the heart of its story: who’s threatening Masha (Nicole Kidman)? The leader of Tranquillum House has made plenty of enemies in the past and present. and one of them has been sending her anonymous threats since the series began. Nine Perfect Strangers Episode 6 pointed to a possible suspect: Carmel (Regina Hall).

[Spoiler warning: This article contains spoilers for Nine Perfect Strangers Episode 6.]

Regina Hall plays Carmel on ‘Nine Perfect Strangers’

Regina Hall as Carmel in Hulu's 'Nine Perfect Strangers.' She's wearing a pink sweater that covers her arms and chest completely, and she's clasping her hands together. Did 'Nine Perfect Strangers' Episode 6 suggest she's threatening Masha?
Regina Hall in ‘Nine Perfect Strangers’ | Vince Valitutti/Hulu

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Hall’s character is one of the most interesting personalities from Nine Perfect Strangers, proving there’s more to a person than meets the eye. Although Carmel comes off as friendly and positive, there’s something darker stewing beneath the surface. As the series continues, she proves again and again that she has a violent side.

Since arriving at Tranquillum House, Carmel has attacked Lars (Luke Evans), threatened Jessica (Samara Weaving), and had more than a few angry outbursts. Her insecurities over her husband have reached a boiling point, and as Frances (Melissa McCarthy) puts it, Tranquillum House doesn’t seem to be helping.

Fans have questioned whether Carmel’s anger issues will factor into the climax of the story, and Nine Perfect Strangers Episode 6 dropped a reveal that could tie them into Masha’s troubles.

Episode 6 of the Hulu series gives Carmel a motive for threatening Masha

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Nine Perfect Strangers Episode 6 sees Masha and Carmel having a conversation that connects them beyond the series’ 10-day retreat. During their discussion, Masha admits she’s one of the women who had an affair with Carmel’s ex-husband. In an even more surprising turn of events, Carmel reveals she knew that — and chose to travel to Tranquillum anyway.

With that hanging in the air, Masha drops the obvious question: does Carmel have anything to do with the threats she’s been receiving? Hall’s character denies any involvement, saying she wanted to see what Masha’s appeal was. However, if she was behind Masha’s anonymous messages, it’s not likely she’d just admit it.

The Hulu series has spent a lot of time making viewers believe that Delilah (Tiffany Boone) or someone from Masha’s past is behind the threats. Could it instead be one of the guests attending her retreat? Carmel’s revelation certainly gives her a motive.

Did ‘Nine Perfect Strangers’ Episode 6 seal Masha’s fate?

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Nine Perfect Strangers sees Masha’s healing methods becoming increasingly questionable, and episode 6 could seal her fate in more ways than one.

At the end of this week’s installment, Masha tells the Marconi family she can use psychotropic drugs to create an alternate reality for them to live in. That’s a dangerous plan, and it’s one that she’s tried before. Knowing that Masha faced legal troubles after a retreat gone wrong, her suggestion opens the door for more problems.

The possibility of one of the guests threatening her also doesn’t bode well. At this rate, it’s seeming less and less likely Nine Perfect Strangers will have a happy ending. In fact, it’s unclear if all of the characters will even survive it.

Nine Perfect Strangers Episode 6 is currently streaming on Hulu.