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Nine Perfect Strangers is nearing the final episode. Fans have slowly learned more and more about Masha, the eccentric owner of Tranquillum House. The last two episodes of the Hulu series showed Masha’s flashbacks about a little girl on a bike. Masha revealed that this girl was her daughter back in Russia. However, she never mentions the girl’s father. Could he crop up in the final episode?

[Spoilers ahead for Nine Perfect Strangers Season 1 and the book Nine Perfect Strangers]

Masha walks with her daughter Tatiana on a snowy day. The two are wearing jeans, boots, and gloves. Masha wears a sweater and scarf. Tatiana wears a blue coat.
Masha and her daughter Tatiana in ‘Nine Perfect Strangers’ | Vince Valitutti/Hulu

Masha had a daughter in ‘Nine Perfect Strangers’

In the past two episodes of Nine Perfect Strangers, Masha has flashbacks of walking next to a little girl riding her bike. The girl rides ahead and is hit by a truck and killed. Masha tells Frances that this was her daughter. Her death was the reason that she left Russia. Masha also states that being a mother was the only time when she liked who she was.

Masha holds her daughter after she is hit by a car. Her daughter's bike and a police car can be seen in the background.
Masha holds Tatiana after she is hit by a car | Vince Valitutti/Hulu

So far, Masha has not said anything about her daughter’s father or having a significant other in Russia. However, there is one more episode of Nine Perfect Strangers left. Someone may make a surprising appearance in the final episode.

Did Masha have a husband in Russia?

The series adaptation of Nine Perfect Strangers strayed pretty far from the novel by Liane Moriarity. However, in the book, Masha also experiences the death of her child. Her baby son got caught in a cord from a window blind and accidentally strangled himself. This happened while the baby was in Masha’s care, during a couple of inattentive moments. Masha blames herself for her son’s death.

In the book, Masha had this child with her husband. He did not blame her for their son’s death, but she was unable to forgive herself. Masha insisted that her husband move on from her.

“She let her husband go. She insisted he find another life and he did eventually, although it took much longer than Masha wanted. It was such a relief when he was gone, when she no longer had to experience the pain of seeing the face that so resembled that of their beautiful son.”

– Nine Perfect Strangers

Although the series changed the way her child died, her husband may appear (perhaps in a flashback) in the final episode. Alternatively, the series could have changed the narrative to make Masha a single parent.

Will Masha get to talk with her daughter in the finale?

At the end of episode 7, Masha and the Marconis took a mixture of potent psychedelic drugs. This concoction is something Masha has been working on to allow people to communicate with deceased loved ones through hallucinations.


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Masha will likely experience some intense flashbacks and hallucinations in the final episode. Perhaps she will speak to her daughter again. Maybe the series will even show flashbacks of her husband in Russia.