‘Nine Perfect Strangers’ Inspired a Wellness Pop-up Event at the Westfield Century City Mall Last Weekend

The Hulu series Nine Perfect Strangers is all about finding healing at Tranquillum House. The guests arrive looking to overcome grief, addiction, and anger and to have some needed rest. Shows about health and wellness have become quite popular recently. When it premiered, Nine Perfect Strangers even became the most-watched Hulu original series.

A large yoga/meditation room with big glass windows at Tranquillum House. Nine mats are placed on the floor awaiting guests.
Tranquillum House in ‘Nine Perfect Strangers | Vince Valitutti/Hulu

Last weekend, Westfield Century City Mall held a pop-up wellness event in the Atrium inspired by Nine Perfect Strangers. Guests were able to escape the chaos of their daily lives with this immersive experience. Luckily, the pop-up didn’t involve any of Masha’s more extreme methods.

What wellness activities take place in ‘Nine Perfect Strangers’?

Nine Perfect Strangers delves into the darker side of wellness. The resort owner, Masha, has some unorthodox and unethical methods. For example, she microdoses her guests with psilocybin without their knowledge and encourages them to take higher doses of hallucinogenic drugs. Initially, some of the activities at Tranquillum are pretty typical for a wellness retreat.

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Tranquillum certainly looks beautiful from the outside. Masha’s guests enjoy a dip in the pool or a soak in the hot springs. Yao leads the Marconi family in tai chi. Frances gets an acupuncture treatment. The guests practice meditation and fasting and enjoy healthy meals. Tranquillum is a fictional place based on a real wellness resort in Australia. It also inspired a pop-up wellness experience in LA.

‘Nine Perfect Strangers’ inspired a pop-up wellness event

Last weekend, the Westfield Century City Mall held a pop-up event inspired by Nine Perfect Strangers. The Atrium of the mall was transformed into an oasis with lush green plants and wooden installations. According to Average Socialite, the event offered a variety of self-care activities for guests to enjoy. There were also smoothie pops available for a refreshing treat.

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ABC7 Eyewitness News reported that visitors to the pop-up could participate in an aura reading or have their zodiac chart examined to learn more about themselves. A specialist worked with guests to help them learn proper posture to stay aligned in their bodies. The pop-up also offered an area where guests could write down intentions and practice manifestation.

Finally, ABC7 described a “gratitude mirror” where guests could tell themselves things they were thankful for. The pop-up event also featured giveaways from the spiritual wellness company, Smudge Wellness.

‘Nine Perfect Strangers’ is approaching the final episode

There are only two episodes left before the season finale of Nine Perfect Strangers. Things are beginning to derail as the guests take higher and higher doses of hallucinogenic drugs. Heather suffered a severe panic attack after learning the truth about her son’s death. Frances is worried that Carmel’s mental health is not improving, and the guests are having more intense hallucinations as Masha pushes the protocol further. Masha now hopes that the Marconi family will use more potent drugs to talk with Zach once again.