‘Nine Perfect Strangers’: Nicole Kidman Says She Would Definitely Check Into Tranquillum House

Nine Perfect Strangers is set at an exclusive wellness resort, where guests come to heal from trauma and addiction and rest their tired bodies and minds. Nicole Kidman plays Masha, the resort’s fearless and eccentric leader. Kidman is also an executive producer on the series. Nine Perfect Strangers is right up Kidman’s ally. Wellness is an essential aspect of the 54-year-old actor’s life. In an interview, Kidman even stated that she would go to Tranquillum House.

Masha raises a glass for a toast at Tranquillum House.
Nicole Kidman as Masha in ‘Nine Perfect Strangers’ | Vince Valitutti/Hulu

Nicole Kidman plays Masha in ‘Nine Perfect Strangers’

Although the final episode is approaching, fans are still perplexed by Kidman’s character Masha. The mysterious Russian-American resort owner has some demons of her own. Masha was once an overworked, overindulgent corporate big-wig until a near-death experience changed her life. A mysterious stranger shot and nearly killed her. Masha was brought back from the brink of death. After that, she was inspired to leave her desk job behind and open Tranquillum.

At first, Tranquillum seems like a pretty standard resort. There is meditation, healthy meals, yoga classes, and saunas. However, Masha begins microdosing her guests with psilocybin. She eventually encourages them to take higher and higher doses of hallucinogenic drugs. Masha seems like she wants to help, but it’s not yet clear what her end game is.

Nicole Kidman values wellness in her life

Kidman is no stranger to wellness retreats. She told Good Morning America that she checked into several wellness resorts in her younger years. “I’ve also checked in and checked out after two days because my husband never wants to go to some sort of retreat with me,” Kidman laughed on Good Morning America. “That’s something you do with your girlfriends more.”

Fitness and healthy eating are also essential parts of Kidman’s life. However, she seems a lot more balanced than her character Masha. According to Women’s Health, Kidman sticks to an 80-20 diet. This means she tries to make up about 80% of her diet with healthy foods. The other 20% she allows for fried foods, sweets, and other treats.

Kidman also stays physically fit. She told Women’s Health that she comes from a family of marathon runners and practices yoga and meditation.

Kidman would go to Tranquillum House

Tranquillum offers a 10-day wellness retreat free of electronic devices and other distractions from the outside world. The concept is pretty intriguing to Kidman. “If someone said that to me, ‘Come give me yourself for 10 days, and I will heal you’ I’d be like, ‘I’m in,'” Kidman told Good Morning America. “I would definitely check into Tranquillum House.”


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Kidman admits she has never given up her phone for a full 10 days like the guests at Tranquillum are required to do. However, she has her ways of digital detoxing. “I turn off my phone. I’ll do that like all Sunday,” she told Good Morning America.

Masha certainly has some good ideas for Tranquillum, but she could stand to take a page out of Kidman’s book and find a healthy balance to her extreme methods.