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Regina Hall is well known for her roles in films like Scary Movie and Girls Trip, but she got the chance to show off her range in Hulu’s Nine Perfect Strangers. The drama sees nine individuals embarking on a wellness journey at a boutique retreat called Tranquillum House. Run by a woman named Masha (Nicole Kidman), the establishment embraces natural — and sometimes questionable — methods of healing. During an interview promoting the show, Hall revealed how some of the Nine Perfect Strangers cast members “got into character.” Their strategy might have involved some firsthand psychedelic drug “research.”

Who does Regina Hall play on ‘Nine Perfect Strangers’?

'Nine Perfect Strangers' cast member Regina Hall. She's walking outside and wearing a black outfit with a V-shaped neckline. Her hair is in a bun and she's smiling at the camera. .
‘Nine Perfect Strangers’ star Regina Hall | RB/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images

Hall plays Carmel on Hulu’s Nine Perfect Strangers, a character with layers and layers beneath her seemingly friendly demeanor. Although Carmel starts the series enthusiastic about getting to know the other guests, it quickly becomes clear she’s got some serious insecurities to work through.

Following a split from an abusive husband, Carmel finds herself threatened by other women at the retreat. In particular, she views Samara Weaving’s character, Jessica, with disdain. She even confesses the urge to punch Jessica in the face despite them barely knowing one another.

Likewise, the other guests’ rude comments grate at Carmel. When Lars (Luke Evans) insults her one too many times, she lunges across the breakfast table to attack him. As Masha points out, she has a violent side. If left unchecked, that could escalate the already high tensions at Tranquillum House.

Fortunately, it seems like Hall’s relationship with the rest of the Nine Perfect Strangers cast isn’t as taut as Carmel’s connection to their characters.

Regina Hall says some of the cast did microdosing ‘research’ to prepare

Those who have watched the first four episodes of Nine Perfect Strangers will know that Hall’s character and the other visitors staying at Tranquillum House realize they’re being microdosed by Masha.

When Hall made an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, host Sarah Silverman asked if the characters in the Hulu series would be taking some type of drugs. After receiving confirmation from Hall, she questioned whether the cast had used similar substances to prepare. Although Hall didn’t outright say yes, the implication was there.

According to Hall, some of the Nine Perfect Strangers cast “got into character” by “doing research” on microdosing.

“I can’t speak for everyone,” Hall said. “I just can speak for some. And some of the cast did research so that we would know what we were doing.”

Of course, Silverman followed up by asking what that experience was like. Hall responded:

“I did not say I was one of those [Nine Perfect Strangers] cast members. But if I were one of them, I would imagine that it would have been really beautiful and surreal. And the trees would have looked amazing, and it would have been a very peaceful and amazing experience. I would imagine.”

Will microdosing help the characters on ‘Nine Perfect Strangers’?


‘Nine Perfect Strangers’ Broke This Record Among Hulu’s Original Series

The cast of Nine Perfect Strangers may report positive outcomes from microdosing following their research. Will that prove true for their characters? Masha seems confident her protocol will work, even if her practices are murky when it comes to consent. However, the Hulu series constantly reminds viewers how “volatile” this particular group of guests is. Could Masha’s plan backfire?

Tranquillum House’s leader faced legal troubles in the past, and she continues to move quickly against her staff’s better judgment. Only time will tell if the characters wind up better or worse off following her retreat. However, the show certainly seems to tease the latter outcome.

Nine Perfect Strangers is currently streaming on Hulu.