Is ‘Nine Perfect Strangers’ Streaming on Amazon Prime Video?

Nine Perfect Strangers is the latest addition to Hulu’s lineup of original series, and it’s quickly garnered viewer attention with its all-star cast. With Nicole Kidman at the forefront, the show transports viewers to a wellness resort where they attempt to heal from their trauma and grief. Of course, there’s more going on behind the scenes than the guests or viewers know about. That sets things up for a suspenseful, fascinating ride. Those interested in watching the series can find it on Hulu — but is Nine Perfect Strangers also streaming on Amazon Prime Video?

‘Nine Perfect Strangers’ is a Hulu original series

Nicole Kidman and Samara Weaving in 'Nine Perfect Strangers' on Hulu. Kidman and Weaving are sitting on the floor across from one another. Kidman is holding Weaving's chin. Series is also streaming on Amazon in certain countries.
Nicole Kidman and Samara Weaving in ‘Nine Perfect Strangers’ | Vince Valitutti/Hulu

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Nine Perfect Strangers is a Hulu original series based on Liane Moriarty’s novel of the same name. The story takes place at Tranquillum House, a resort where people in pain can go to “fix” their inner turmoil. The establishment is run by a woman named Masha (Nicole Kidman) whose approach to healing extends far beyond what most would consider conventional. She handpicks those she wants to treat, and despite many good reviews, the show also hints that she has red on her ledger.

When the Hulu series opens, it introduces nine individuals traveling to Tranquillum House for a 10-day retreat. The guests are struggling with various forms of grief, and according to Masha’s staff, they’re a bit more volatile than the usual visitors. Masha continues to push them regardless, all while something eerie and sinister hangs over the narrative.

The question, then, is whether Masha’s dubious methods will work. That’s what the show sets out to answer. In the meantime, the characters get into arguments with one another and Masha receives threats from an anonymous source. With such a powder-keg environment, things could take a darker turn — an outcome many viewers are anticipating.

Is ‘Nine Perfect Strangers’ streaming on Amazon Prime Video?

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Despite being a Hulu original series, Nine Perfect Strangers can be viewed on Amazon Prime Video — in certain countries. Those living in the U.S. won’t have access to the episodes on Amazon and will only be able to watch them on Hulu. Those residing in Canada, the U.K., and Australia, however, can enjoy new episodes of Nine Perfect Strangers using their Prime memberships.

For those planning to stream the show on Amazon, there is a catch. According to Digital Spy, new installments will come out later on Amazon. That means fans won’t be able to watch them immediately after they release. Fortunately, the wait for each episode won’t be too long.

When do new episodes of ‘Nine Perfect Strangers’ come out on Hulu and Amazon?

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New episodes of Nine Perfect Strangers arrive on Hulu on Wednesdays, but they’ll appear on Amazon on Fridays. That leaves a two-day window between the actual release date and the time the show hits Amazon. The first three episodes dropped on the same day, but the rest will come out weekly on both platforms.

That places the series finale on Sept. 22 for Hulu watchers and Sept. 24 for those using Amazon. That leaves an opening for spoilers to get through, but using Prime Video will no doubt be more convenient for those who already have memberships — especially if they aren’t signed up for Hulu.