No, Dolly Parton Didn’t Have Any Ribs Removed, Despite Rumors

The reigning queen of country music, Dolly Parton has been a fan favorite for literally decades. Her humble attitude, tendency toward philanthropy, and welcoming approach to everyone she meets endeared her to millions. Over the years, several wild rumors have sprung up around Dolly Parton. And while most of them haven’t made their way to the country queen, she’s had the opportunity to address at least one of them, disproving it once and for all. 

An old rumor claims Dolly Parton had ribs removed

Singer-songwriter Dolly Parton performs onstage at “Dollyverse Powered By Blockchain Creative Labs on” during the 2022 SXSW Conference And Festival at ACL Live at The Moody Theater on March 18, 2022 in Austin, Texas. (Photo by Rick Kern/FilmMagic)

Parton not only has an impressive catalog of hit songs. But she has a very recognizable look as well. Parton is well-known for her large blonde bouffant, over-the-top outfits, glam makeup, and tiny waist. While the artist has openly discussed some of her plastic surgery procedures over the years, some fans have speculated that there’s only one reason why her waist could be so impossibly tiny.

According to Nicki Swift, Parton’s curvy figure originally sparked the rumors. And over the years, the idea that she had ribs removed to make her waist look smaller started to gain traction. While many celebrities refuse to address outlandish rumors about themselves, Parton has always been an open book. And she tackled this particular rumor head-on.

What did Dolly Parton say about the wild rumor?

Parton was once confronted by a fan who asked her directly if she’d had ribs removed. The singer told the fan that the rumor wasn’t true, laughingly proclaiming that her waist is so small because “nothing grows in the shade!” She said this to Woman’s Day, noting that the idea is “so BS!”

The icon explained the incident. “I went into a restroom in Los Angeles years ago, and this girl said, ‘Oh, I want you to tell me, does that really hurt?’ I was like, ‘What? Does what hurt?’ She said, ‘Like when they take your ribs out.'” Parton went on. “‘Take my ribs out? I was just gonna order ribs for dinner! What are you talking about?’ And then she said, ‘Wait, didn’t you and Cher have your ribs taken out to make your waist look little?’ I said, ‘No, my waist is little because nothing grows in the shade!'”

In reality, however, Parton has admitted that she eats a low-carb diet to keep her trim figure and rarely indulges. She only allows for an “anything goes” attitude toward food on holidays and occasionally on weekends.

Dolly Parton has openly discussed her plastic surgery

Parton might not have gotten any ribs removed. But she has indulged in other plastic surgery procedures. In a 2011 interview with The Guardian, Parton said, “if something is bagging, sagging or dragging, I’ll tuck it, suck it or pluck it.” According to USA Today, Parton embraces the fact that she’s gotten plastic surgery procedures like liposuction and Botox, admitting, “It is true that I look artificial, but I believe that I’m totally real.”

The singer has admitted to getting a facelift, eye surgery, breast implants, and lip injections — setting her apart from other celebrities who rarely admit to any plastic surgery or cosmetic procedures. Fans love Parton for her open nature and willingness to discuss often taboo subjects with her followers and members of the media.

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