Nostalgic TV Shows and Movies Coming to Netflix in February 2021

As Netflix bids farewell to a portion of its content in January, the streamer is opening the gates for plenty of old and new fare in February.

Millions of fans are waiting for the third and final installment of Jenny Han’s popular trilogy titled To All the Boys: Always and Forever.

Others want to check out Malcolm & Marie with Zendaya and John David Washington. But mixed with these highly anticipated films are a few older TV shows and movies that are ripe for a re-watch this month.

iCarly cast
Cast of ‘iCarly’: Nathan Kress, Jerry Trainor, Miranda Cosgrove, Noah Munck, Jennette McCurdy | Courtesy of Nickelodeon

Feb. 1


With Tenet now available for streaming on other platforms, now is a good time for a Christopher Nolan refresher with fan favorite Inception. Take a metaphysical and adventurous walk through dreams with Leonardo DiCaprio in this 2010 gem.

‘The Bank Job’

Viewers who are in the mood for an action caper can live vicariously through Jason Statham in The Bank Job. Anchored in 1970s London, the 2008 flick centers on a heist carried out by Statham’s Terry Leather and his motley crew.

There’s even a nod to Princess Margaret. Loosely based on a true story about 1971 bank robbery, there are spies, fights, and scandalous rendezvous.

‘Eat Pray Love’

Based on a memoir by the same name, this film stars Julia Roberts as Elizabeth Gilbert, a woman on a journey of self-discovery. Travel the world with her when it drops on Netflix on Feb. 1.

‘My Best Friend’s Wedding’

For fans of Julia Roberts and Cameron Diaz, this 1997 rom-com may hit the spot right before Valentine’s Day — or not. Once Roberts’ character realizes she’s in love with her best friend, she tries to sabotage his wedding.

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Feb. 8


Though Netflix is only releasing seasons 1 and 2 of iCarly, it’s perfect timing for OG fans and newbies to hang out with Carly, Sam, and Freddie. Why? A reboot of the Nickelodeon series was just announced for Paramount+, and the cast is currently filming. Gibby!

Feb. 21

‘The Conjuring’ 1 and 2

Moviegoers were introduced to the work of paranormal investigators Lorraine and Ed Warren with The Conjuring. The 2013 film starred Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson as the real-life couple whose work involved understanding demonology and hauntings. This is also the franchise that brought us Annabelle.

The first Conjuring movie focused on a family in Rhode Island and their creepy farmhouse. The Warrens battled the spirit Bathsheba in her quest to possess to possess the mom.

In 2016’s The Conjuring 2, the pair crossed the pond to assist a family with multiple evil entities. There’s a poltergeist, nun, and demon stirring up trouble, and this helped usher in another spinoff.

Though The Nun isn’t available on Netflix yet, fans can binge watch these two horror favorites until Warner Bros. releases The Conjuring 3. The latest in the franchise is due to hit screens in June 2021.

Netflix is ready to be queued up with these classics and for those who still aren’t ready to let go of the holiday spirit, note that National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation is hitting the streamer too in February.