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Close friends John Mulaney and comedian Dan Levy apparently have even more in common – their eight-week-old babies were born not only on the same day but across the hall from each other, according to Olivia Munn.

Munn and Mulaney welcomed their son Malcolm on November 24 and apparently Levy and wife Rachel Specter’s daughter Penny was also born on the same day. Mulaney and Levy have been close friends for years and have worked on one another’s projects. Munn shared video and photos from the babies’ first playdate, along with reactions of the completely smitten fathers.

John Mulaney and Dan Levy’s babies have their first play date

Baby Malcolm and Penny are seen laying next to each other wearing adorable onesies as their parents provided commentary. At one point Malcolm’s arm went over Penny’s face. “Careful Malcolm,” can be heard in the background. “And she’s like ‘What’s happening?” Mulaney can be heard saying, “Rightfully so, Penny.”

Dan Levy and John Mulaney attended the Mulaney premiere
Dan Levy and John Mulaney | Joshua Blanchard/Getty Images for FOX

Levy gently moved Malcolm’s outstretched arm away from his daughter’s face. The parents are heard laughing as Mulaney joked that his son’s arm will probably pop back up again. Levy captioned another photo, “Penny and her best/only friend Malcolm listening to us talk about the state of comedy and the citizen app.”

Munn also shared a sweet video of the fathers joking with their newborns. “You smiling Malcolm?” Mulaney asked his son. “Hi, Penny.” Mulaney then takes Penny’s legs so she’s dancing, while Levy does the same to Malcolm. Mulaney added, “Yeah, you guys are young.” Munn captioned the photo, “Stage dads.”

Dan Levy officiated John Mulaney’s wedding to Anna Marie Tendler

Mulaney said in a previous standup that Levy officiated his wedding to Anna Marie Tendler. He joked about how since he is Catholic and Tendler is Jewish they were married by a friend. “My wife is Jewish, I grew up Catholic, so we got married by a friend. Being married by a friend is a beautiful ceremony that alienates both families’ religions while confusing the elderly people at the wedding.”

He added a comment from one of the wedding guests. “‘What’s the name of the bishop?’ That’s actually stand-up comedian Dan Levy,” he added. Mulaney and Tendler have since divorced.

While Levy is recognizable from his standup and was the executive producer of series like The Goldbergs, Levy often gets confused with the other actor/comedian Dan Levy. A fan tweeted about the wedding after seeing Mulaney’s The Comeback Kid in 2017. He replied, “It was actually @danlevy not @danjlevy. We tried to get Dan J Levy but had to go with a backup.”

They work on one another’s projects

Mulaney was recently a guest comedian on Levy’s hilarious House Hunter‘s commentary, House Hunters: Comedians on Couches series. Mulaney’s previous standup about House Hunters fit the episode perfectly. He even joked about how the husband on the show was slightly terrifying. “That meeting story was frightening and rude,” Mulaney joked.

Levy also worked on Mulaney’s short-lived sitcom aptly named, Mulaney. “It’s exciting to work on the show,” Levy said during a 2014 interview with comedian Jeffrey Gurian of Comedy Matters TV. Gurian said, “John Mulaney is a spectacular guy. Just an amazing human being.”

Levy also confirmed during the interview that he officiated Mulaney’s wedding.

Mulaney and Levy have toured together too. Plus Mulaney interviewed Levy in 2016 about his standup special Dan Levy: Lion. Mulaney recalled how he and Levy also had the same contractor work on their houses at around the same time. “Speaking of designers, you and I had the same contractor work on our houses because we both got married, and we bought our first homes with our wives within the same couple years. And we both love our contractor. You text with our contractor just about five times a day, correct?” he asked Levy via AV Club.

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