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There are seven members in BTS, but there’s only one Kim Taehyung. For one singer in the group, V, (real name Kim Taehyung,) wearing shoes isn’t something that he likes to do. Here’s what we know about the BTS member and what fans are saying about this quirky and fun fact. 

V doesn’t really like wearing shoes, according to fans

Each BTS member has their own set of fun facts. RM is notorious for losing his AirPods. J-Hope once won a bronze medal for tennis — out of three teams. For V, some fans noticed that this singer and dancer hates wearing shoes. He’ll often be seen wearing flip flops or with his heel out of his shoe. 

Sometimes he’s just not wearing shoes altogether. When the boys were first starting out, one staff member reprimanded V, stating, “Taehyung. Please put on your shoes. You are not a primitive man. You have nice shoes. Why don’t you wear them? Please wear them.”

This could, potentially, be because V has a skin condition commonly known as cholinergic urticaria, although V refers to it as a cholinergic allergy. It’s this condition that often makes his skin itchy and tight clothing fairly uncomfortable.

Fans noted this, along with other fun facts about V

He may be different, but fans like him just the way he is. With more videos surfacing daily of V and his quirky habit, some fans took to social media, sharing their love for this K-pop idol and the rest of the members in BTS. 

“Taehyung loves red fruits esp strawberries, he doesn’t like to wear shoes, he eats and talk in [a] pout, he likes to paint and gets excited about little things, he needs to cuddle something while sleeping, he whines when he loses in a game, he wears pretty earrings and rings,” one Twitter user noted. 

“It’s a Taehyung thing,” another Twitter user wrote. “I’ve read somewhere that he just doesn’t really like wearing shoes. Which is why he typically wears toe free footwear or is stepping on the back of shoes so they can be easily taken off. [I don’t know] any other Capricorn wearing sandals in November.”

V of BTS arrives at the photo call for the 34th Golden Disc Awards
V of BTS arrives at the photo call for the 34th Golden Disc Awards | THE FACT/Imazins via Getty Images

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V wore flip flops once while dancing to the ‘Boy With Luv’ choreography 

He even showcases his complicated relationship with shoes during live performances. During one coronavirus (COVID-19) special with The Late Late Show, titled Homefest: James Corden’s Late Late Show Special, the BTS boys shared videos from their socially distant rehearsal space in Korea. 

The boy band even did a dance routine to “Boy With Luv” where V was, you guessed it, wearing flip flops. He was one of the only members of the K-pop group who wore casual footwear that day, but he still nailed the choreography. Other fans noticed that when the BTS boys performed “Idol” on The Late Show starring Jimmy Fallon, V’s shoes were untied.