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  • One Piece chapter 1056 spoilers show stakes for the larger world of One Piece
  • A newly appointed Yonko pulls a surprising move with the help of even more surprising characters
  • Carrot fans finally get something
Usopp and Nami reacting in cartoonish manner, which is how you'll react while reading One Piece 1056 spoilers on Reddit
Usopp and Nami from ‘One Piece’ | ©Eiichiro Oda/Shueisha, Toei Animation

When reading the new One Piece 1056 spoilers on Reddit, you may find yourself screaming “what?” progressively louder as you read each new detail. Full spoilers aren’t out yet for this week’s manga chapter, but you’ll still find enough to whet your appetite and stew over for the next few days until the chapter leaks later this week. The worst news of all? Shonen Jump is on break next week, so this chapter will have to hold you over for two weeks.

Spoiler warning for One Piece chapter 1056

‘Cross Guild’ is Captain Buggy’s latest entrepreneurial movement

One original member of Gol D. Roger’s crew – Red Hair Shanks – declared his renewed commitment to finding the ONE PIECE treasure in last week’s chapter. This week, Captain Buggy continues to not share the same ambition. In a shocking twist as revealed by the One Piece 1056 spoilers, Buggy flips the bounty system on its head by placing bounties on the marines. Buggy starts the “Cross Guild,” which is the name of the chapter.

Even more surprising, former Shichibukai (or members of the 7 Warlords of the Sea) Crocodile and Dracule Mihawk are a part of the operation. Buggy is the epitome of “fake it ’till you make it.” Despite being the second villain that Luffy faces after leaving home, he continues to be relevant. In fact, we later learn that he was on the original Pirate King’s ship as an apprentice next to Shanks.

While Buggy is mostly used as a gag character who’s always afraid of conflict, he’s managed to fulfill every important role in the pirate world. Due to exploits at Marineford, he unwittingly became one of the Shichibukai, leading several hundred pirates in his pirates dispatch system. This organization was called “Buggy’s Delivery,” where pirate mercenaries were available for hire.

Recently after the dissolution of the Shichibukai system, he’s been elevated to Yonko status following the defeat of Kaido and Big Mom. That kind of pull clearly has its perks as former warlords Mihawk and Crocodile are taking him seriously enough to align with Cross Guild.

This development could mean that the acceleration of change in this current pirate era could increase even further as Luffy and the Straw Hats continue to pull close to Laugh Tale and the ONE PIECE treasure. Buggy’s been super important all along!

‘One Piece’ 1056 spoilers reveal Carrot’s promotion

“Carrot for Nakama” campaign managers will be sorely disappointed with what’s laid out in the One Piece 1056 spoilers on Reddit so far. Inuarashi and Nekomamushi for years served as co-rulers of the island of Zou. According to the spoilers, they’ll choose to remain behind on Wano to serve under the freshly aged Momonosuke. Alongside the Nine Red Scabbards (minus the two who died in battle), they heroically defended Wano from Admiral Aramaki and his Wood Wood Fruit.

Wano is poised to be a major plot point even as the arc comes to a close. Inuarashi and Nekomamushi’s might will be required until the doors of Wano are opened. This leaves a power vacuum at the top, and apparently, Carrot will fill it as the ruler of Zou. Carrot spent the last two major arcs tagging along with the Straw Hat pirates. Because of this, many felt that she’d join the crew. She didn’t fit the mold of new Straw Hats (no tragic backstory . . . yet), but great chemistry with the cast led to theories.

Eiichiro Oda, the series author, did a great job of fleshing her character out following the death of Pedro. That character depth was building up to her becoming the new ruler of the Mink tribe on Zou instead of becoming a pirate.

Another popular Straw Hat candidate is Yamato, the child of Kaido. Yamato will not serve as the shogun of Wano, and she identifies as Oden. This leads to her wanting to explore the world just like her idol, and the Straw Hats represent that opportunity. The previous chapter included dialogue that alluded to her heading out to sea, but no direct conversations between her and Luffy have occurred.

One Piece 1056 spoilers don’t do much to alleviate that. All we know right now is that the end of the chapter has Yamato standing on top of a castle. Is the castle Onigashima? Are the Straw Hats still partying? Have they left the island without her? We’ll have to wait and see.

Oh, and apparently Shinobu looks younger because of Aramaki’s attack that sucked the life force out of his victims. Don’t think too hard about it.

When will full ‘One Piece’ 1056 spoilers come out, and when does the chapter release?


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Since One Piece chapter 1056 spoilers are already out on Reddit, we can expect full, detailed spoilers by Wednesday. Usually, the leaked chapter will drop online around Thursday evening or in the wee hours of Friday morning. Be sure to support the official manga release in your country. In the U.S., you can find One Piece chapters on the Shonen Jump app at 11 a.m. ET on Sundays. Again, there will be a break next week for all manga serialized by Shonen Jump, so keep that in mind as you consume this week’s zany plot developments.