‘Only Murders in the Building’: Here’s How Mark Consuelos Was Cast as Mabel’s Dad

Mark Consuelos guest-starred in episode 7 of Only Murders in the Building Season 2, portraying Mabel Mora’s dad in flashbacks to her childhood. Here’s how the Hulu series cast Consuelos and where you’ve likely seen him before.

[SPOILER ALERT: Spoilers ahead for Only Murders in the Building Season 2 Episode 7.]

Mark Consuelos, who plays Mabel's dad on 'Only Murders in the Building' Season 2, wearing a black-and-white tux
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Mark Consuelos guest-starred as Mabel’s dad in ‘Only Murders in the Building’ Season 2

Only Murders in the Building Season 2 Episode 7 showed flashbacks to Mabel Mora’s childhood. When she was 7 years old, Mabel’s dad had to move out of the house. The pair spent a lot of time doing puzzles together, even flipping the pieces to hide the picture and make things more challenging. However, it soon became clear that something else was happening. Mabel’s father was dying of stomach cancer.

Consuelos is a 51-year-old actor who is perhaps best known for his portrayal of Mateo Santos in All My Children. More recently, Consuelos played Hiram Lodge in the CW drama series Riverdale. He has also appeared in various other TV shows, including Hope & Faith, American Horror Story, and Alpha House, according to IMDb.

Here’s how Mark Consuelos was cast in ‘Only Murders in the Building’

In an interview with The Wrap, Only Murders in the Building executive producer John Hoffman explained how Mark Consuelos was cast as Mabel’s father. “Mark had worked with [Only Murders EPs] Dan Fogelman and Jess Rosenthal [on Fox’s short-lived baseball drama Pitch], and they had been singing his praises for many, many months,” Hoffman stated.

“I’ve always been a fan of Mark’s, and they were leaning into the depth he brings as an actor, and so it felt completely right. He was in Michigan with his son when I had my first conversation with Mark about the part,” the EP continued.

Consuelos has no scenes with Steve Martin, Martin Short, or Selena Gomez in Only Murders in the Building Season 2 Episode 7, yet his character is integral to the season’s plot.

“Although he was coming to work not with our big headlining trio, in this case — it was a very intimate story, personal to Mabel’s story — I just loved the way he responded to it and immediately felt a connection to it,” Hoffman stated. “He was so excited to come, and he was just wonderful.”

‘OMITB’ features exciting guest stars

The Only Murders in the Building cast is full of stars. Tina Fey has a recurring role as famous true crime podcaster Cinda Canning. And Gordon Matthew Thomas Sumner, aka Sting, appeared as himself in a few episodes of season 1. Then, Amy Schumer showed up in season 2, playing a version of herself moving into Sting’s apartment.

New episodes of Only Murders in the Building drop Tuesdays on Hulu.

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