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Actor John Wayne allegedly recited the Pledge of Allegiance in between the thighs of an Oscar nominee. However, he came to crave her seduction in ways that would ultimately destroy his first marriage to Josephine. Wayne was in the midst of a slump in his career, but he found pleasure in his affairs that would ultimately become the gossip around Hollywood.

John Wayne fell into a slump after ‘The Long Voyage Home’ disappointed at the box office

'The Seven Sinners' John Wayne as Dan and Marlene Dietrich as Bijou, who allegedly made him say the Pledge of Allegiance in between her thighs. They are holding onto a rope bannister, dressed in a tux and dress.
L-R: John Wayne as Dan and Marlene Dietrich as Bijou | Donaldson Collection/Getty Images

Marc Eliot’s American Titan: Searching for John Wayne touched on the actor’s importance toward the Pledge of Allegiance and America as a whole. Wayne’s passion for the country often melded along with his feature film career. However, not all of his movies were winners at the box office. Production on The Long Voyage Home started in 1940, which was a difficult political time period for many folks across Hollywood.

Wayne explained how he loved his role in The Long Voyage Home, although audiences didn’t connect with the film itself. As a result, the movie bombed at the box office. Some actors accepted the call to serve their country in one way or another, but Wayne ultimately didn’t enlist. This would further stain his records for the remainder of his career as the “super patriot” of Hollywood.

John Wayne allegedly recited the Pledge of Allegiance in between Marlene Dietrich’s legs over the American flag

Eliot wrote about how Wayne had many personal problems over the course of his three marriages, which led to affairs. He fell in love with a German actor named Marlene Dietrich around the same time The Long Voyage failed to capture an audience at the box office.

American Titan: Searching for John Wayne painted Dietrich as a woman with an “insatiable desire” to have sex with American boys and men. She supposedly enjoyed intimacy with married men to “humiliate” and “disgrace” them, Wayne included. Moviegoers came to admire the actor’s loyalty and pro-American ideals, which Dietrich supposedly exploited.

Eliot wrote: “It was said by friends of the actress that she liked to put Wayne on his knees and hold his face close between her thighs and make him recite the Pledge of Allegiance to something higher even than his flag and his government.”

Who was Marlene Dietrich?


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Hollywood knew Dietrich as someone much more than the woman who supposedly got Wayne to recite the Pledge of Allegiance in between her thighs. After all, she earned an Oscar nomination in 1931 for Best Actress in a Leading Role for Morocco. However, she lost the award win to Marie Dressler in Min and Bill.

Dietrich earned international acclaim thanks to a German film called The Blue Angel. She was a showgirl and a silent film star who managed to earn a spot in the Hollywood engine. Dietrich and Wayne starred together in Seven Sinners, where Wayne entered a major star’s private dressing room for the first time. However, they would also later star together in 1942’s The Spoilers.