‘Our Flag Means Death’: When Are New Episodes on HBO Max? Episode 7 and 8 Release Date

Our Flag Means Death is no doubt one of the strangest series to hit HBO Max recently, combining the pirate’s life with a hilarious commentary on incompetent leadership. The first six episodes of Our Flag Means Death introduced Stede Bonnet’s (Rhys Darby) eccentric crew and threw them into entertaining scenarios, but episode 7 and 8 could see them facing more serious problems. When do they come out on HBO Max?

[Warning: This article contains spoilers for Our Flag Means Death Episodes 4-6.]

‘Our Flag Means Death’ Episodes 4-6 focus on Bonnet and Blackbeard

Our Flag Means Death rolled out its first six episodes in batches of three, introducing Rhys Darby’s struggling captain and the rest of his ragtag pirate crew. Recent installments have forced them into some fascinating scenarios, exploring the life of a pirate — but with some hilarious caveats.

The end of Our Flag Means Death Episode 3 saw Blackbeard (Taika Waititi) saving Stede Bonnet and his crew. And the following installments focus on Bonnet and Blackbeard’s developing friendship, as well as both characters’ pasts. Although Blackbeard initially intends to kill Bonnet and retire under his identity, there’s no denying they make a dynamic duo. Perhaps that’s why he goes back on his promise to Izzy (Con O’Neill) and decides to let Bonnet live.

Episode 6, “The Art of F**kery,” concludes with Izzy losing a duel to Bonnet — on a technicality more than anything else — and being banished from his ship. However, it doesn’t seem like Blackbeard’s righthand man is giving up that easily. In the end, he turns to Jackie (Leslie Jones) looking for an alliance.

‘Our Flag Means Death’ Episode 7 & 8 release date and time

Rhys Darby and Taika Waititi in 'Our Flag Means Death' Episode 8
Rhys Darby and Taika Waititi in ‘Our Flag Means Death’ Episode 8 | Aaron Epstein/HBO Max

With Our Flag Means Death establishing a new villain duo, many are eager to see what happens next. So, when does our favorite group of pirates return for more antics?

Our Flag Means Death Episodes 7 and 8 are slated to arrive on Thursday, March 17. HBO has been dropping multiple installments at a time, giving fans plenty of new content to enjoy each week.

Per Decider, here’s the full release schedule for season 1 of the HBO Max series:

  • March 3: Ep. 1-3
  • March 10: Ep. 4-6
  • March 17: Ep. 7-8
  • March 24: Ep. 9-10

Following the next two chapters of this story, there’s only one week of adventures left. Episodes 9 and 10 will wrap up season 1. It’s unclear if there are plans to continue the show beyond that.

Either way, the coming installments will need to deliver a satisfying conclusion to the conflict with Izzy and Jackie. That means viewers can anticipate more pirate fights — and maybe more “massive aggression,” as Blackbeard might say.

What to expect when new installments drop on HBO Max

According to IMDb, Our Flag Means Death Episodes 7 and 8 are titled “This Is Happening” and “We Gull Way Back.” That doesn’t tell us much about what to expect from the next two installments. Unfortunately, there’s no synopsis for either of them as of this writing.

The title “We Gull Way Back” suggests fans could see the history behind an already-established relationship — perhaps the partnership between Blackbeard and Izzy or the feud between Jackie and “Jim” (Vico Ortiz). We still don’t have a complete picture of what prompted the latter. Perhaps episodes 7 and 8 will offer more insight.

Whatever happens on March 17, fans can count on the characters injecting humor into the situation — whether they mean to or not.

The first 6 episodes of Our Flag Means Death are currently streaming on HBO Max.

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