‘OutDaughtered’: Adam and Danielle Busby Explain How They Prepared for Quintuplets

Having just one child is a ton of work, so we can’t imagine what Adam and Danielle Busby’s lives are like caring for six kids. The couple, who’s family is featured on TLC’s OutDaughtered, have their 8-year-old daughter, Blayke, as well as the only set of all-female quintuplets in the United States. And while they’ve hit plenty of bumps in the road when it comes to taking care of their huge family, Adam and Danielle have proven themselves to be absolutely incredible parents who can handle anything with grace.

Preparing for the arrival of the quintuplets was a nerve-wracking and intense ordeal, however. Here’s what Adam and Danielle had to do to get ready for so many babies.

Adam and Danielle Busby were shocked when they found out they were having quintuplets

Adam and Danielle struggled with infertility for both pregnancies, so they were utterly shocked when they found they’d be having quintuplets. On the It’s a Buzz World blog, Danielle explained their journey with infertility and how she never expected to have issues getting pregnant in the first place. She wrote that she had trouble ovulating regularly, and Adam’s sperm count was low — but after several medications, procedures, and prayers, they were finally able to have their first child, Blayke, and get pregnant again.

As Danielle explained on her blog, her second pregnancy was “unbelievable.” Initially, Danielle thought she was having twins, and she was very excited about this possibility. After a later ultrasound, however, she and Adam were looking at four babies. “Adam is about to pass out and I am laughing!” she wrote. Then, another ultrasound after that revealed the quintuplets — and the couple was utterly shocked that they went from infertility to so many children in one go.

They wanted to prepare their older daughter, Blayke

After the initial shock of the quints was over, Adam and Danielle knew they had a lot of work to do. And the first order of business was letting their older daughter, Blayke, know she was going to be a big sister to five babies. As Adam explained in this clip, “We go from having one daughter that’s our complete world to now she’s having to share us. And how is she going to handle this? … We knew that we needed to get her excited about it as much as possible.” The couple then added that they wanted Blayke to feel like she was a part of something “really special.”

For that reason, Adam and Danielle created a whole gender reveal party just for Blayke. At the time, the couple thought one of the quints was a boy — but as we know, it turns out Danielle actually was pregnant with all girls. When Danielle broke the news to Blayke about not having a little brother after all, the child adorably announced, “oh well.”

Adam and Danielle completely overhauled their home to make space

Preparing Blayke for five siblings was one thing, but getting their home ready for five babies was a whole other process. In the TLC clip, Adam explains, “We have to do everything we possibly can in this tight, tight window.” For that reason, they made their garage into what they called “a baby warehouse.” Adam built shelves in the garage just to store diapers and all of the supplies they thought they’d need for the quints. “But nine months is not a lot of time to prepare for one baby, let alone let’s prepare for five babies,” Danielle added.

After a difficult C-section and a close call with one of the babies, all of the quints survived and are thriving over 4 years later. Now, Danielle and Adam are dealing with all the quintuplets developing their own personalities as they grow from toddlers to kids — and there’s no doubt Blayke is an amazing big sister who the quints look up to. We can’t wait to see what’s in store for Adam, Danielle, and all the rest of the Busbys in the future, too.

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