‘OutDaughtered’: Adam and Danielle Busby Might Face Huge Obstacles With Riley Busby During Quarantine

We’ve been watching Adam and Danielle Busby navigate parenthood for years via TLC’s OutDaughtered. Despite the current state of the world, they’re back with a new season starting on June 2, though Adam Busby noted on Instagram that they had to film the final episode themselves. And we’re excited to see everything the six Busby daughters have been up to over the last few months.

Those who follow the Busbys know Riley’s saga with schooling. She’s known for being the most book-smart of the quintuplets, but she’s also the most rambunctious. And we imagine Adam and Danielle are going to have a difficult time now that they’re homeschooling all of the kids.

Riley Busby is known for her troublesome behavior

Now that the Busby quints are 5 years old, they’re becoming easier to tell apart in both looks and personality. And Riley has long been known as the “boss baby” of the group. Adam and Danielle have talked at length in the past regarding Riley’s troublesome and bossy behaviors toward her sister. And they later realized that she may be getting bored at home due to her unusually high intelligence, which is why she acts out.

Back in 2017, fans saw tension rise between Danielle and Riley even when the quint was just a few years old. Riley would purposely spill her milk on the floor for attention — and Danielle caught on to her antics.

“Come on, you know better. You do this every night. Go sit. One minute!” Danielle scolded Riley.

“The girls are at that age where they’re really testing boundaries, so we’ve starting doing time-out for when they’re bad,” Danielle further explained. “Though Riley is usually the naughty one, she really does have a sweet, cuddly side to her. She wants to do good, but her personality just kind of gets in the way.”

She’s a year ahead of her sisters when it comes to school

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Riley’s schooling has become a whole subplot on the show, as Adam and Danielle had to make some major decisions. After getting all of the quints evaluated, it was clear Riley was above the rest, and it was recommended that she enter kindergarten a year early. While Adam and Danielle were proud the little one was so intelligent, they knew putting Riley ahead of her sisters now might put her ahead for the remainder of her schooling.

Given what we’ve seen on OutDaughtered, it’s clear Riley is doing very well in her class. But quarantine has now imposed more challenges for the quint.

“This little nugget, Riley Paige, I think is having the hardest time during this #StayHome life we are living currently,” Danielle captioned an Instagram post. “She had been so used to her own days at school in her own classroom and now she is back to ‘weekend reality’ 7 days a week. *Hang in there my love, we all on the same bus.”

The Busbys are likely facing obstacles while homeschooling

We’re interested to hear more about how the Busbys are doing during social isolation. People released a supertease of the upcoming OutDaughtered season, and it’s showing some insights into Adam and Danielle homeschooling the girls since they can’t go back to kindergarten and Pre-K at the time.

The trailer shows some of the quints cleaning their kitchen table after coming home from their family vacation. “While we were on vacation, coronavirus spread,” Danielle told the camera.

After that, Hazel tells the camera, “I miss going to school.”

Danielle echoes, “As a mom of six, I’m not made to be an at-home schoolteacher.” And she’s seen laying worksheets out on the floor for her six daughters, which looks like a ton of work. “What are we gonna do inside with six restless girls?”

Given what Danielle posted about Riley to Instagram, we can only imagine schooling at home is even more difficult for this quint than it is for the others. We’re hoping Adam and Danielle are figuring out a way to keep Riley entertained and out of trouble while they continue to social distance!

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