‘OutDaughtered’: Adam and Danielle Busby Talk About Whether They’ll Ever Have More Kids

Adam and Danielle Busby aren’t ruling out having more kids. The OutDaughtered parents would be open to expanding their family through adoption if the circumstances were right, they said in a recent interview with Us Weekly.

Adam Busby said he and Danielle are ‘open-minded’ about adopting

The Busby'family at the table.
The Busby family | TLC

The Busbys have six kids: oldest daughter Blayke, 9, and their quintuplets Ava, Olivia, Riley, Parker, and Hazel, who are 5. While the couple has closed the door on the prospect of Danielle, 36, giving birth to any more children, they haven’t ruled out expanding their family in other ways. 

“We’ll never close the door completely on that,” Adam, 37, said of the possibility of adopting. “We’ll always be open-minded about that.”

“If that’s something God puts in our heart and it’s something we get called and led to do, we’d follow that,” Danielle added. 

Danielle Busby had a hysterectomy in 2019

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While Adam and Danielle have a large family today, they initially struggled to have children. After marrying in 2006, the couple battled infertility. Danielle eventually gave birth to Blayke in 2011 and the quintuplets in 2015. All six of their children were conceived via intrauterine insemination.

The birth of the quints was a welcome event, but it also left Danielle dealing with some serious and painful complications. 

“I know this isn’t something we haven’t ever really shared or talked about, but life physically after having quintuplets has been super painful, challenging, hard,” she shared in a 2019 YouTube video, revealing that she had polycystic ovary syndrome. “The past three years have been really, really filled with a lot of physical pain.” 

To ease the pain — which she said was sometimes so bad she struggled to get out of bed — Danielle and her doctors decided she should have a hysterectomy after other ways of treating the issue failed to provide relief. The surgery was performed late last year. Following the procedure — in which a woman’s uterus is removed — Danielle is no longer able to carry children. 

This isn’t the first time the Busbys have talked about adoption

The Busby girls prepare to play in the snow
Adam Busby and his daughters get ready to play in the snow | TLC

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Even before Danielle opened up about her health problems, she and Adam had made it clear that she wasn’t planning on giving birth to any more kids. 

“Shop’s closed,” she told Us Weekly in June 2019. “It would be nice to have a little boy and carry on the Busby name here, but there won’t be any more children unless one day God put it on our hearts to adopt.”

“It’s something we’ll always stay open minded to,” Adam told the magazine at the time. “As far as … her birthing any more children, no, that’s not going to happen.”

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