‘OutDaughtered’: Adam and Danielle Busby’s Date Night at Shooting Range Sparks Debate About Gun Safety

Adam and Danielle Busby’s latest date night activity has sparked a big debate about gun safety. The OutDaughtered couple recently spent some quality time together at a shooting range. But when Adam shared an image to his Instagram of his wife with showing off proof of her expert marksmanship, not everyone had a positive reaction. 

The Busbys have a ‘fun night’ at the gun range

“Fun night with my number one at the range with the toys,” Adam captioned his post. “Watch out! She’s a dead eye.”

“I think I have a new secret talent!” Danielle commented on her husband’s post. “You can call me ‘Bond! Mrs. Bond.’”

The Busbys clearly had fun at the shooting range. That’s not a huge surprise. The couple’s fans know they make it a point to have a date night every week. And in January, Adam posted about taking the quints with him when he went to Cabela’s to buy ammo. That post attracted some criticism, as did Adam and Danielle’s trip to the shooting range. 

Critics say the Busbys are putting their kids at risk

After the OutDaughtered star posted about his latest date night, some critics slammed him because of his enthusiasm for guns, saying he and Danielle were putting their kids at risk. 

“You had me convinced that you are caring, spirited and loving parents but you lost me here,” one person wrote. “I truly saddened that as parent you ignore the fact that thousands of kids have died at the hands of a gun, many in home where gun safety is practiced but baby get a gun anyway. You seem to be pining to become the parent role model for the NRA demographic.”

Another took issue with the language Adam used to talk about firearms. “Toys?” they wrote. “That’s scary with 6 young children.”

Adam Busby defends himself 

Adam Busby
Adam Busby | adambuzz via Instagram

Adam was quick to defend himself from his critics on social media. He replied to one commenter, saying that he and his wife had decided to teach their daughters about gun safety. 

“I think at this point we will agree to disagree,” he the dad of six wrote. “Guns scare you, so stay away from them. I don’t think bad of you for that. We will choose to raise our kids in a manner that they are educated about guns and not live in fear of them. We are responsible with our guns and are definitely the good guys with guns.”

In another comment, he called one of his critics “ignorant” for assuming that he and Danielle weren’t keeping their kids safe. “Do you actually think I would leave loaded guns around my house?” he asked. “Nope. I have locked safes like any responsible person would.”

When one person called guns “weapons of mass destruction,” Adam pushed back, arguing that guns help keep people safe. 

“Our city is consistently rated amongst the safest cities in America,” he wrote. “You know what it is also among the highest in? Concealed carry permit holders. Law abiding gun owners. Stop letting your fear cloud your common sense.”