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They may not be as infamous or scandalous as a few other huge families featured on TLC, but fans absolutely adore keeping up with the Busbys on OutDaughtered. Adam and Danielle Busby attained fame for having the first set of all-female quintuplets in the U.S., and with their older daughter, Blayke, they have six little girls altogether. As the quintuplets age, we’re already seeing all of their personalities emerge, too — and Danielle and Adam definitely have their hands full.

Even after having six kids, Danielle Busby looks absolutely incredible. And many OutDaughtered fans question whether or not she’s had a tummy tuck. Here’s what Adam had to say about the plastic surgery rumors.

Danielle Busby had to eat an insane number of calories while carrying five kids

Being pregnant with quintuplets is no easy task, and it certainly took Danielle and Adam by surprise considering their issues with infertility in the past. After the initial shock of being pregnant with the quints wore off, Danielle noted she found she had to eat nearly 5,000 calories a day to make sure she and the babies were all nourished.

In Touch Weekly notes she said, “During my quintuplet pregnancy, I was ‘doing what I have to for the babies.’ That meant going on a 4,500-calorie diet a day and forgetting everything I learned about eating clean and healthy foods.” She also added that she “literally had to eat” her dessert before she would eat any healthier foods just to make sure she was hitting her calorie goals. “Though that idea sounds good in theory, in practice, it was exhausting,” she added.

There have been plenty of plastic surgery rumors over the years

It’s no secret that Danielle looks incredible. While her six kids have her running around the house all day long, she and Adam also absolutely love fitness and make time in their busy schedules for exercise when they can. As Danielle explained on her It’s a Buzz World blog, she rarely “has time” for exercise, but she certainly will make time for it since having a healthy body and mind are something she values. “You can use objects around the house to help too.. like the counter top for pushups, or the stairs for tricep dips or cardio…run up and down, skip a step…so many things you can do with the stairs [sic],” she wrote on the blog.

While her workout routine is well-known (she’s also stated that she does daily push-ups and sit-ups before jumping into the shower or whenever she has just a few minutes), that hasn’t stopped the plastic surgery rumors. But Danielle maintains that her fit physique is a result of making the time for exercise. The fact that she and Adam also own their own cycling studio in Texas helps, too.

Adam Busby confirmed that Danielle has never had a tummy tuck

It looks like Adam is now stepping in to reassure everyone that Danielle’s body is totally natural, too. The happy couple recently celebrated their anniversary with some friends on the beach, and the photo of Danielle in a bikini had fans talking. In Touch Weekly reports one fan asked the mom of six via Instagram, “In the past when moms of multiples have babies they have a tummy tuck or some kind of plastic surgery to get rid of excess skin. Did you have any kind of surgery?” To that, Adam answered, “No tummy tuck. She is just very blessed with good genetics and a strong work ethic for working out.”

Many others took to the comments section of the photo to tell Danielle how amazing she looked, too. “Look at the mom with six kids…pulling it off. Wow…jealous [sic],” another fan commented. Yet another added, “She works out people and looks amazing.” Cheers to a happy anniversary (and many future workouts) for both Danielle and Adam!

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