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It looks like OutDaughtered fans may have something to look forward to as the coronavirus (COVID-19) progresses. While many reality TV shows have stalled production, Adam Busby gave a clue filmmakers are at the Busby household ready to make more content for their TLC program. Here’s what he posted, and what fans have to say about it.

‘OutDaughtered’ just had 4 episodes during their 2020 season due to coronavirus

2020 is not the year for reality TV to thrive. With coronavirus spreading through the country and mask-wearing mandated in many areas, shows are trying to figure out how to continue. And OutDaughtered did the best it could to adapt.

Back in May 2020, Adam shared his insights on Instagram regarding what’s going on with the show. “It’s happening!” he announced along with a premiere date of June 2. “Check out my Instagram Stories for a preview!” But Adam then explained that the season would be way shorter than normal — and his family even resorted to filming their own episode to stay safe.

“It will be a shorter season than normal because of the current world situation, but there will be an entirely SELF-SHOT episode from us this season all about what life has been like for us during the COVID-19 pandemic,” he continued.

The season was shorter indeed. After only four episodes, it was over — and it left fans wondering what would become of OutDaughtered.

Fans were disappointed the season was cut short

While OutDaughtered producers are at the mercy of the virus, fans still expressed their disappointment with how last season went.

“Finale??? It just started back up!!” an OutDaughtered fan commented on the official Instagram. “How many episodes was that? Is this because of the pandemic? That I would understand.”

“Season finale already? What? Didn’t it just start?” yet another commented.

“How can it already be the season finale!” another wrote. “I get it though-the virus halted filming early.”

While fans are certainly disappointed, they definitely made it known that they’re understanding of the situation and want the Busbys to remain safe. And Adam continued to keep fans apprised with what’s going on with the Busby family via YouTube. He’s been posting plenty of videos from home to his channel, “It’s a Buzz World.”

So far, Adam’s posted plenty of videos for his followers post-the end of the last short season. The proud dad created videos showing off his kids’ at-home nail salon, and another recent video shows Danielle taking her girls out shoe shopping during the pandemic. It’s never a dull moment for the Busbys — and we’re sure this at-home content is keeping fans happy for now.

Adam Busby dropped a clue ‘OutDaughtered’ is filming again


‘OutDaughtered’: Adam and Danielle Busby Might Face Huge Obstacles With Riley Busby During Quarantine

So, will OutDaughtered return for future seasons anytime soon? It looks like Adam is dropping clues that camera crews are at his home. On Aug. 12, he posted a photo showing a number of cameras on Riley, one of the quintuplets. “The boss baby,” he captioned his post — and he added an “#outdaughtered” hashtag.

“Will we see some new episodes soon??” one fan commented.

“Are y’all back to shooting the series??” another asked. “My son and I were soo sad when we realized you had to stop production.”

“Are they back filming again?” yet another questioned.

While it seems filming has begun, Adam verified that fans shouldn’t expect to see any new OutDaughtered for quite some time. “Nowhere close to having any dates yet,” he replied to the first comment.

It’s encouraging to see filming crews starting to get some footage together for a possible future season of the show. We’ll have to wait and see what else we can gather.

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