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We’ve been watching the Busby family for years via TLC’s OutDaughtered — and we’ve totally fallen in love. Adam and Danielle Busby are the parents of the only set of all-female quintuplets in the U.S. And since they also have their older daughter, Blayke, this means they’re caring for six young girls total.

In a previous season of OutDaughtered, we saw the Busbys go through major issues with their home after discovering a mold infestation. They were forced to move out and make do with a new place. And it now seems they’re doing major work to the home they’re currently in, according to Adam’s Instagram. Here’s what fans noticed.

The Busbys had to move out of their home when they discovered mold growth

Adam and Danielle already have their hands full when it comes to caring for their kids. And their lives were turned upside down when they discovered mold in their home. Back in June 2019, Ava, one of the quintuplets, developed a respiratory sickness that seemed to get quite extreme. From there, the family learned their home was infested with mold, and they were forced to take immediate action.

Adam and Danielle had a mold inspector come in and assess the situation — and it didn’t look good. “All of the clothing can be washed. Pillows will need to be discarded. Mattresses need to be discarded,” the inspector said. “And then you need a full-blown mold remediation contractor to come in and HEPA vacuum everything, clean everything. It’s a big process. If the tests pass, then you can live in it. We don’t know for sure, but it may be fine.”

Danielle Busby noted there are aspects of the ‘sick house’ she misses

Moving is tough on kids — and it’s particularly difficult when it’s sudden. “I think the move has been hard on everyone, but the quints most of all,” Danielle told the OutDaughtered camera crew. And since the kids had to make major readjustments, Adam and Danielle were there to reassure them everything would be OK — but even Danielle noted there are many aspects of the old home that she misses.

“I miss my big, big kitchen,” Danielle told GoodHousekeeping in July 2019. “It’s a give and take on lots of different things … there are things about my home that are getting repaired that I miss so much.”

It’s not all bad, though. “It definitely has the space that I think we need,” she told the publication. “The yard is the most beneficial, we like for the kids to play outside — we don’t like our kids being on iPads and that kind of stuff. We want them to play and interact so there’s a pool, there’s a huge yard … it’s definitely a plus in that aspect.”

Adam Busby is hinting that big changes are happening to their current house


‘OutDaughtered’: Adam Busby Calls His Family’s Mold-Infested Home ‘Completely Unrecognizable’ Now

Since the Busbys appear to still be in the home they moved into post-mold issue, it looks like they’re finally making some changes to the place. On June 7, Adam posted a photo of Riley holding a hammer, wearing a hardhat, and kicking through a wall in their house. “DEMO DAY!” he captioned the post. “Riley was born for this! Literally had to take the hammer away so she didn’t start tearing down the rest of the house.”

Then, on June 9, he posted another photo of one of the quints with the caption, “Escaping the madness of demo at the house by spending my Birthday Week in Louisiana with family. does em get much better than that!”

Both of these posts had fans wondering what’s going on.

“Wow, what are you remodeling?” a fan asked on the Instagram post of Riley.

Another answered, “I believe that’s the kitchen island.”

Yet another added, “gotta be the kitchen, it’s the one thing about the old house Danielle said she would miss.”

It looks like we’ll have to stay tuned with the current season of OutDaughtered to see what’s going on!

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