‘OutDaughtered’: Adam Busby Is Clapping Back at Followers Who Think His Post to Other Dads Is ‘Lame’

Raising just one child is tough, so we can’t imagine how hard it is to raise six daughters, especially when five are quintuplets. Adam and Danielle Busby attained fame for having the first set of all-female quintuplets in the U.S. And thanks to TLC’s OutDaughtered, we’ve watched the couple navigate their children’s milestones and their own personal issues while maintaining a healthy and happy marriage.

Adam frequently documents what goes on in his home via Instagram and his YouTube blog. And he recounted an instance at the gym that got him thinking about how he and other dads can improve in 2020. Unfortunately, not everyone liked his idea. Here’s how Adam responded to a follower who called his challenge “lame.”

Adam Busby has always been open and honest with ‘OutDaughtered’ followers

There are plenty of famous families featured on TLC. But there’s something seriously genuine about Adam and Danielle. Danielle explained on her It’s A Buzz World blog why she chose to put her family on reality TV. And since they have such a public platform, Adam has also used it to talk about his postpartum depression.

“After coming face to face with postpartum depression following the birth of our five daughters, I quickly learned that this is a very real struggle that dads all around the world go through, yet you rarely ever hear it talked about,” Adam said in a statement to People. “I’d be doing an extreme disservice to our fans if I hid this from the public and wasn’t honest with them.”

Adam also added that he feels a certain responsibility since he knows his voice will be heard by those watching OutDaughtered. “I want men to feel comfortable opening up about their feelings and expressing the struggles they’re going through,” he added to People. “I want to help end the stigma surrounding mental health.”

He posted a 2020 challenge for other fathers on his Instagram

Since Adam’s in the business of being candid with his followers, he posted a challenge for other fathers on Instagram for 2020. He explained that he had his quintuplets in tow while he went to the gym — and when he was leaving, one of the quints, Olivia, likes to run ahead of her sisters. And when Olivia ran to the door, one of the women at the front desk yelled, “Wait for your mommy!’ instead of acknowledging that the little girl may have been with her father instead.

“Ok, so it’s 2020. Dads, what are you doing this year to counteract that stereotype?” Adam asked his followers in his video. “Here’s my challenge to you guys. It’s 2020. Let’s counteract that stereotype this year and be the dad that we all know you can be.”

Adam responded to a follower who said his idea was ‘lame’

Many of Adam’s followers loved his idea. But the father of six is no stranger to internet trolls, and he rarely backs down from online hate. One follower commented, “Love the show and the family but this is lame,” with a crying-laughing emoji. And to that, Adam gave a response.

Adam wrote back, “i guess u are right. Encouraging dads to strive to be better is pretty lame… keep doing you then.”

Another follower backed Adam up with, “Lame? Just wow. Smh.”

And Adam responded back, “or when my heart isn’t right, my first reaction to feeling convicted is defensiveness and to lash out and attack.”

Other followers also didn’t love Adam’s idea.

“Love your family, love the show but in the grande scheme of life there are way more important issues than this to bring attention to imho!” another commented.

Adam wrote back, “so be the champion of something. Being negative toward others for trying to make an impact isn’t exactly helping anything either….”

It’s clear Adam doesn’t have any time for negativity on his Instagram. And we’re glad he’s reaching out to other dads to get them excited to be the best fathers possible.

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