‘OutDaughtered’: Adam Busby Is Sparking Controversy After Danielle and the Quintuplets All Got the Flu

We’ve been watching OutDaughtered for years, and fans adore seeing what Adam and Danielle are up to next with their six daughters. The couple rose to fame after Danielle gave birth to the first set of all-female quintuplets in the U.S. Now, they’re caring for six daughters under the age of 10 — and chaos certainly ensues, especially when the kids (and parents) are sick.

Adam and Danielle have a very active social media presence. And Adam took to his Instagram Story and posts to share everything that’s going down since finding out Danielle and the quints all came down with the flu. Here’s what’s going on — and what he’s saying to his followers that’s sparking major controversy.

Adam Busby shared how quickly the flu is spreading through his home

Kids aren’t good at keeping their germs to themselves. Once one child gets sick, it’s typical for a whole family to come down with the same illness — and that seems to be exactly what’s happening over in the Busby household.

“Probably isn’t going to do much, but pounding @emergenc like a first semester frat boy. Danielle has been down all week and just found out she has the FLU… most of the girls have started running fever.” Adam captioned his Instagram post on Jan. 16 of him holding up a glass of fluid.

On Jan. 17, he took to his Instagram Story to give his followers updates. “No. 5 is down for the count,” he told his phone camera as one of the quints brushed his hair. “So now all five quints and mommy have the flu. I don’t think I have it … I’m a little stopped up, or whatnot, but that’s pretty normal for the weather. … Trapped in a house with six people with the flu.”

In another hilarious post, Adam gave updates. “Night 1 down… we are all hurting in one way or another. Blayke is at school, but tomorrow is Saturday. Praying that we can keep her healthy,” he wrote on Instagram after explaining the nighttime sickness debacle.

One follower questioned if the Busbys get flu shots

The Busbys are no strangers to critics, so of course, Adam’s first post about the flu sparked some debate. One follower asked, “Does no one get flu shots anymore?” And Adam was quick to respond.

The father of six noted, “the current flu shot has a 50% chance of effectiveness against strain B.” And of course, his response sparked a ton of debate.

Adam didn’t say one way or another if his family got the flu shot. But we do know they believe in vaccinations, as fans saw the quints getting vaccines on OutDaughtered in 2019. Danielle noted in the clip that she expected a lot of crying and screaming from the quints over the vaccines, however, so we’re not sure if she includes the flu shot in the vaccination rotation.

Adam’s responding to other followers who are suggesting controversial remedies

The flu shot debate caused conversation, of course. But so did a conversation surrounding the common antiviral medication Tamiflu. The drug’s safety has come under question by many in the past, but an alleged “doctor” told Adam on Instagram, “Yes you can be placed on it for preventive. Tamiflu 75mg x 10 days. Yes I am a doctor.”

To that, Adam commented snarkily, “I’ll let them know that you told me it was ok,” along with an OK-sign hand and a winking emoji.

Another follower suggested, “If the girls test positive, you can take Tamiflu as a precaution. It will help prevent you from getting the flu.”

And to that, Adam gave his input again. He wrote back, “i heard that they no longer let you take it as a preventative… I’m definitely going to ask.”

When another follower noted that “everyone gets nasty colds and viruses this time of year” and suggested his family “dose up and carry on,” Adam added, “bet you are a blast at parties.”

We trust that Adam will take recommendations from doctors instead of Instagram users when it comes to his whole family having the flu. We’re hoping they all recover quickly and that Adam remains flu-free!

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