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From their amazing parenting skills to their adorable relationship, there’s no doubt Adam and Danielle Busby are true superheroes. They’re featured along with their six daughters — one older child and five quintuplets — on TLC’s OutDaughtered. And their story is even more inspirational once you know the couple struggled with infertility with both of their pregnancies.

Not only do we get to watch them on TV, but Adam and Danielle also give fans a glimpse into their real lives via social media. And Adam recently posted a few videos of him praying with his daughter, Riley, to his Instagram Story. So, are the Busbys religious? Here’s what we know in addition to what Adam posted.

Danielle Busby wrote how she believes the quintuplets are a gift from God

When we think of religious reality TV stars, the Duggars certainly come to mind — and it’s clear the Busbys aren’t quite at that level of fundamentalism. With that said, Adam and Danielle have still spoken out about their belief in God before. And Danielle has even written on her It’s a Buzz World blog regarding how she believes the quintuplets were God’s gift to her and Adam.

On Danielle’s “Infertility Journey” post, she explained how difficult getting pregnant the first time around with her 8-year-old daughter, Blayke, was. But after many failed pregnancy attempts, medical procedures, and prescriptions, her and Adam’s prayers were finally answered. “The day God blessed us with what we prayed for…for years!!! Our little Princess Blayke was in the works,” she wrote.

As for the quints, the struggle was quite similar — though this time around, Danielle had five babies in the womb instead of just one. While she and Adam never anticipated or hoped to have quintuplets, Danielle wrote that she knew God had more in store for her than she initially expected, and she was willing to take on the challenge. “As challenging as our infertility journey had been and as challenging as our future will be…I would not change anything about it,” she wrote. “God knows our hearts and knows our needs and He will always be there to provide for us. Do not ever give up on God…YOU NEVER know how many blessing will come your way.

Danielle also mentioned she believes God wants her to share their story

Not only does Danielle think having so many children was an act from God, but she also believes that God wants her to share her story with the public via her TV show. She recently wrote a blog post titled “The Public Life…” where she explains her thoughts and feelings regarding life in the public eye. “Even though it has been years of this type of life, I still can’t get used to it,” she wrote. Danielle then added that while having a reality TV show does feel “ridiculous” at times, she feels “called” to show the world the family God has created for her and Adam.

“God does call us to share your story, to be missional, to share in the hopes that one other life may find Jesus,” Danielle wrote. “This is Gods design, not ours. He chose us to lead this life and tell HIS story through all the days we live on the earth. … So we share… and we do share publicly, but that is because we feel God called us to do so.”

Adam just prayed with Riley on his Instagram Story

Adam Busby and Riley Busby
Adam Busby and Riley Busby | Adam Busby via Instagram

Fans have certainly heard Danielle talk about religion, but it seems Adam’s on the same page, too. He recently took to his Instagram Story with Riley, one of the quints, to talk about Learning Resources, a business that specializes in creating educational toys for kids. At the end of his Story, he also starts praying with Riley after she asks to do so (though, since she’s 4, she only engaged in prayer for so long).

“Dear God, thank you for just giving us an experience today to just bring our kids and have our kids involved in just helping others, helping the community, and serving others, and loving other people, and showing the importance of loving other people,” he started the prayer. Adam continued with, “Thank you for Riley — she’s a pretty special little girl and I love her dearly.”

It seems the Busby quints are already getting well-acquainted with religion at a very young age, too. We’ll have to wait and see if it impacts them as much as it impacts their parents!

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