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There are plenty of famous families on TLC, but the Busbys from OutDaughtered are quickly becoming fan favorites. Adam and Danielle Busby attained fame for having the only set of all-female quintuplets in the U.S. Since they also have their older daughter, Blayke, this means the busy parents are caring for six daughters under the age of 10 years old.

Adam and Danielle are practically superhuman as they juggle caring for their kids, starring in a reality TV show, and maintaining their businesses and social media presence. But a recent Instagram post from Adam has his fans scratching their heads. Here’s what he posted about taking the quints to Cabela’s and purchasing ammo.

Adam and Danielle Busby are known for being the wholesome parents of quintuplets on ‘OutDaughtered’

We’ve watched Adam and Danielle parent their kids ever since the quints were tiny babies, and we’ve heard all about their journey through infertility, too. Danielle has talked at length regarding how difficult it was for her to conceive both times. While she never imagined having quintuplets, she felt it was God’s plan for her to have this many children. Thus, she was overjoyed and ready to take on the challenge of having six young kids.

While Adam and Danielle face challenges like any other couple, they always manage to work things out. And they’re big on setting aside time for themselves to check in with their relationship with each other.

Not only are they dedicated to their parenting and their romance, but they’re all set against creating a hostile environment via reality TV for their family. When a fan commented on Adam’s Instagram post stating they hope he and Danielle don’t turn into the next Jon and Kate Gosselin, Adam replied, “we aren’t them. Not even close….”

They’ve fought criticism in the past for their parenting choices

While Adam and Danielle do their best to make the right decisions for their kids and present themselves in a non-dramatic way on TV, OutDaughtered viewers still have plenty of opinions. And the happy couple doesn’t get away totally unscathed when it comes to public critique.

Back in 2017, we can’t forget when Adam was shamed for his “Daddy Scarecam” prank. The prank involved scaring the quints by sneaking up on them and making a loud noise. While many thought it was just harmless and innocent fun, others worried that scaring the quints on camera and then posting it to the internet wasn’t a great idea.

We also can’t forget that Adam and Danielle are often shamed for their many date nights. The couple has stated before that they aim to have at least one date night per week — and of course, this means no kids. While some fans think the busy parents should be spending less time alone and more time with their six children, Danielle clapped back at the haters on Instagram.

“Hey Mr Bow Tie. Sure did bring that sexy back…here…there.. & just always @adambuzz. ..and … For those of you who are gonna get mad bc yes, we have gone on another date… well, here is to love,” she captioned her Instagram post.

Some fans are concerned after Adam said he’s buying ‘ammo’ with the quints on Instagram

We know the Busbys have been shamed for their Instagram content in the past — and Adam’s post on Jan. 12 is also sparking conversation. He posted a photo of the quints looking at a fish tank with the caption, “Took the girls out of the house this morning while @dbusby was gone doing @cadifitness stuff. Had breakfast at a new spot and then ended up at @cabelas to look at the fish and buy more ammo.”

In Touch Weekly notes fans left worried comments on the post.

“Ammo? Wait do you guys hunt? Just need to clarify [because] if yes you lost a fan,” one follower commented.

“Ammo?” another simply asked.

Another added, “Ammo must be from living in a dangerous border state.”

While Adam often responds to his followers, it seems he’s staying quiet on this one and letting it all play out in the comments without him. Whatever the case may be, we’re sure he’s being safe, as he’s proven he’s very responsible and would never put his children in any danger.

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