‘OutDaughtered’: Adam and Danielle Busby Say Their TLC Show Wasn’t Canceled, Explain Why They’re Taking a Break From Filming


  • Adam and Danielle Busby decided to take a break from filming their family’s TLC reality show. 
  • OutDaughtered has not been canceled, Adam and Danielle said, and they’re still in touch with the network. 
  • The Busbys “are waiting to see what’s next for us.”  
Adam Busby of 'OutDaughtered' looking at his wife Danielle Busby
Adam and Danielle Busby of ‘OutDaughtered’ | It’s a Buzz World via YouTube

Don’t expect to see new episodes of OutDaughtered on TLC anytime soon. Adam and Danielle Busby recently opened up about the future of their family’s reality show, which has not been canceled but is currently on hiatus. The couple – who are parents to six girls, including 7-year-old quintuplets – said they decided to take a break from filming as they “regroup as a family.” 

‘OutDaughtered’ has not been canceled, according to the Busbys

New episodes of OutDaughtered last aired in May 2021. Since then, fans of the show, which chronicles the Busbys’ life as a family of eight, have been wondering when – or if – it will return. 

In a recent YouTube video, Adam and Danielle explained that they’ve decided to step away from filming OutDaughtered, at least for now.  

“The show wasn’t canceled,” Adam said. But after the challenge of filming during the COVID-19 pandemic, he and his wife realized that the entire family needed a break. 

“It just became a strain on everyone,” he added. 

Juggling filming with family life was becoming a challenge 

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When OutDaughtered premiered in 2016, the quints were babies and Adam and Danielle’s oldest daughter, Blayke, was four. Now, the quintuplets are starting first grade and Blayke is headed to middle school. Between filming, school, sports, and other extracurriculars, life was hectic. 

“We’d come home and you’d have this small window of time that we could either film something or they were having to get ready for sports,” Adam said of working on the previous season. “We got through the last season and we were like, man, I think everybody, the crew included, just needs a break.” 

Danielle agreed, saying that they felt God was telling them they needed to “heal for a little bit.”

The Busbys aren’t ruling out a return to ‘OutDaughtered’ 

As of now, the Busbys have no firm plans to start filming OutDaughtered again. But they’re not ruling out a return to TV. 

“We’re kind of keeping things open,” Adam said. “There’s no hard feelings or animosity between us and the network or production.”

“We’re still in talks with the network and communicate with them,” the dad of six added. 

In the meantime, being able to spend more time together without cameras has the family feeling “revived and replenished,” Danielle said. “It’s been healthy for us.”

“We’re ready to find out where God wants to put us next,” she added. “We don’t know what the future holds.”

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