‘OutDaughtered’: Danielle Busby Explained Why She’s Choosing to Put Her 6 Daughters on Reality TV

Adam and Danielle Busby haven’t been on reality TV for long, but it’s clear they’ve built a serious following thanks to their large family and down-to-earth nature. We’ve been watching the couple take care of their quintuplets and older daughter since 2016, and OutDaughtered is also gearing up to return for yet another season starting in June. The quintuplets are growing up fast, and we can’t wait to see what’s in store for the family.

Putting the Busby kids on TV was an interesting and controversial choice on Adam and Danielle’s side. As for why the couple chose to start filming OutDaughtered, it seems Danielle has a few reasons she shared on her blog recently. Here’s what she wrote.

Danielle Busby has gotten deeply personal on her blog in the past

We’ve seen both Danielle and Adam get candid on OutDaughtered in the past. Whether it’s marital troubles or health issues with one of their little girls, viewers feel like the couple’s always being honest regarding what’s going on in their lives. And Danielle has kept up with this transparency on her personal blog, It’s A Buzz World. She even shared her stories of infertility on the blog, and she now views the quintuplets as an absolute miracle given how difficult it was for her to get pregnant in the first place.

Danielle explained how she tried to get pregnant more times than she could count with both her first pregnancy with her daughter, Blayke, and with the quintuplets. Thankfully, she never lost hope. As Danielle wrote on the blog, “As challenging as our infertility journey had been and as challenging as our future will be…I would not change anything about it. God knows our hearts and knows our needs and He will always be there to provide for us. Do not ever give up on God.”

Danielle and Adam decided to put all aspects of their lives — good and bad — on TV

What you see is what you get with Adam and Danielle, and they’ve made it known that they hope to be as honest and transparent as possible with their show. We remember when Adam used his reality TV platform to bring awareness to fathers getting postpartum depression. He told People that he wanted to share his mental health condition on OutDaughtered to show other men that they’re not alone in this. “This meant not only showing the fun and exciting times of being a parent, but also the hard times, the stressful times and the messy times,” he stated.

Danielle also hopes to share all aspects of her journey with OutDaughtered viewers. “It is not easy to be a mom of six girls…and it’s not easy to actually capture and film your life on the regular,” she wrote on her blog. But she absolutely tries her best to capture it all for the audience so they can get a true peek into the life of a Busby.

She believes having the quints and being on TV is God’s chosen path

So, why put all the little girls on TV knowing there are certainly risks involved to being exposed to fame at such a young age? Danielle wrote on her blog that she believes God showed her the course of action she should be taking — and that course was reality TV. “When we were faced with two big life decisions…we prayed about direction and the Lord showed us a path so we said yes! Yes we said yes to keeping the 5 babies when we found out we were having five, and yes we said yes to a life of cameras around,” she wrote.

Danielle thinks it’s a sign that two “out of the norm scenarios” — having quintuplets and then having the opportunity to be on TV — were presented to her. For this reason, she had to follow her calling of sharing her family’s life with others. “So to sum all this up…yes we said yes! To having quintuplets and to having a tv show. We believe this is God’s path for us.”

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