‘OutDaughtered’: Danielle Busby Raves About ‘Hot’ Husband Adam Busby as They Take a ‘Mini Family Vacay’

Fourteen years of marriage and six kids haven’t dampened Danielle Busby’s feelings for her husband Adam Busby. The OutDaughtered mom recently took to social media to share a snap from the family’s recent vacation and sing her hubby’s praises.

Danielle Busby isn’t afraid to brag about her husband   

Adam and Danielle Busby
Adam and Danielle Busby | dbusby via Instagram

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In the June 15 Instagram post, Danielle shared a photo from a Busby family getaway.

“Camping… Glamping…Whatever we shall call it,” she wrote. “We just on a mini family vacay and that’s what matters.” 

The 36-year-old also added a hashtag to her post describing her husband, 38, as “hot.” 

It’s not clear where exactly the Busbys traveled for their camping trip, but Adam recently posted about spending his birthday week in Lousiana while their house in Texas undergoes renovations

“Escaping the madness of demo at the house by spending my birthday week in Louisiana with family,” he wrote in the June 9 Instagram update. 

Adam still gushes over his wife 

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Danielle’s feelings about her husband are definitely reciprocated. Adam often makes comments on Instagram about his wife, calling her “beautiful” and a “hottie.” 

“As long as I have her on my arm, everything will be alright,” he wrote in a March 16 post. 

Despite having six kids — including quintuplets — Adam and Danielle still manage to make time for regular date nights. They say that alone time away from their daughters is key to a healthy marriage. 

“Don’t ever give up on your date nights,” Danielle told Us Weekly in 2019. “It’s all about a schedule. What we hear most from other couples is, ‘We don’t have time,’ but we don’t have time, we just make time. That’s the advice is to find that day and make the time. We do a date night, either a Friday or Saturday. Sometimes [it’s] during the week if we have something going on during the weekend.”

Adam and Danielle met at a Target 

Adam and Danielle married in 2006, but their story actually began in 2003, when they were both working at the same Target store. The two had been working together for several months before Adam got up the nerve to approach Danielle. 

“Adam and I both started working at a brand-new Target that opened in our hometown,” Danielle recounted for an article on the Target website. “Though our departments were right next to each other and we saw each other all the time, it took Adam seven months to say one word to me.”

Once Adam did manage to speak to Danielle, he made quite an impression, but not necessarily a positive one. 

“His first words? “Hey, beautiful,” she recalled in a blog post on the family’s website. “My thoughts at first were…’oh wow! You never talk to me and now you’re trying to hit on me….real smooth. Obviously it must have worked.”

The two agreed to go on a date, but Adam almost blew it by canceling at the last minute so he could hang out with his friends. Danielle agreed to give him another chance, and the second date turned out to be his sister’s birthday dinner with his parents. Still, she fell for him. 

Adam and Danielle dated for about two years before he proposed. They got married six months later. They welcomed daughter Blayke in 2011 and the quintuplets in 2015.

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