‘OutDaughtered’: Danielle Busby Said Hazel Is the Most Independent Quintuplet

The Busbys may only have a few seasons of OutDaughtered under their belt, but fans have loved watching Adam and Danielle’s six daughters grow up on the small screen. The busy couple has one older daughter, Blayke, and the first set of all-female quintuplets in the United States. And while we remember when the quints were just crawling around, it’s hard to believe they’re already 4 years old and gearing up for school.

It’s still hard to tell the quintuplets apart, but Hazel stands out thanks to her red hair and glasses. And according to Danielle, it seems the child also stands out for her personality. Here’s what the mom said.

Hazel has always stood out to OutDaughtered fans

From her looks to her behaviors, fans of the show have commented on Hazel, the middle quint, since she first set foot onscreen. Romper reminds us Hazel has an eye condition known as Nystagmus, and it causes her eyes to make uncontrollable movements. She’s already had eye surgery once — though Danielle has stated it’s “inevitable” that the quint will have to go through other procedures as she ages. For now, fans are loving how adorable she looks with her glasses.

Aside from her eye condition, fans have also noticed how much attention Danielle and Adam seem to give to Hazel. It’s common for Adam to share photos and videos of him and Hazel spending time together apart from the other daughters, and some Reddit users have noted the alleged favoritism. “Is it just me that noticed or does or seem that Danielle and Adam favor Hazel over the rest of the quints …. Anytime Adam comes home from work all you can hear is ‘hazel basil’ [sic],” one fan wrote.

Hazel seemed to excel on her preschool test

This recent OutDaughtered clip shows the quintuplets getting their intelligence evaluated at their prekindergarten school — and Danielle also expressed her concerns over the whole ordeal. “We’re getting the results to the quints’ evaluations tomorrow,” Danielle said in this TLC-shared exclusive. “It’s impossible not to worry, I mean they were extreme preemies,” she went on to say.

The clip shows the quints answering simple questions about letters, colors, and shapes — and while it seemed like a few of the little girls may have gone off course a couple of times, Hazel was right on target with her answers. Toward the end of the clip, she even adds in, “Why are there so many questions?” which also speaks to her intelligence.

Danielle mentioned she’s the most independent of all the quints

Back in August 2018, Danielle wrote a blog post on It’s a Buzz World that detailed her plans for each quint going into the school year — and it told us a lot about their individual needs and behaviors. Danielle explained, “the quints will officially be in three different classrooms starting PreK.” She then went on to write that because the quints are “all so different,” she knew splitting them up would be best. “We have paired Ava and Riley together, Olivia and Parker Kate, and then miss independent Hazel is in a class by herself (meaning not in a class with her sisters).”

Danielle expanded upon Hazel’s individualistic nature, too. “Hazel is so independent and could care less if her sisters are in same room as her…she is super social and confident, she will do amazing meeting new friends,” the mom wrote. As for the other quints, it seems like Danielle may be worried that they’re relying on their sisters too much — and she also wants to split up the ones who bicker the most. For this reason, she split up Ava and Olivia, as they’re identical, and she also split Riley and Olivia since they’re most likely to fight.

We’re looking forward to seeing the quints continue to thrive in school — and we’re also curious who else may turn out to be just as independent in nature as little Hazel.

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