‘OutDaughtered’: Danielle Busby Said This Moment Made Her Feel Like ‘The Worst Parent Ever’

They may be relatively new to the reality TV scene, but fans have already fallen in love with Danielle and Adam Busby from OutDaughtered. The happily married couple juggle taking care of six kids — five quintuplets and an older daughter. And while they thought life was tough when the quints were just born, they’ve noted parenting is getting even trickier as their daughters are starting to grow up and develop their own personalities.

There’s certainly no rule book when it comes to caring for so many kids, and the Busbys do the best they can. Even so, Danielle had a moment when she said she felt like “the worst parent ever” for having to take disciplinary action on one of the quints. Here’s what happened.

Adam and Danielle Busby have their hands full as the quintuplets are getting older

On the current season of OutDaughtered, we’re watching the quints grow up fast — and that’s coming with all new challenges that neither parent could’ve anticipated. Danielle noted on their family blog that when the quints turned 3, the best part about them getting older is that they can “communicate now, full sentences,” but keeping up with their changing personalities and demands is getting more and more difficult. “We are in a constant state of trying to keep up with 6 different conversations at one time,” she wrote.

Adam has also been candid in sharing how difficult raising so many little girls has been for him. In a clip from the show, he explained that while working from home helps him spend more time with his kids, they’re “way, way, way worse than I could even have imagined.” During recent interviews, the most difficult quint was also revealed — and it turns out the family agrees that Riley is the bossiest.

Danielle had to take disciplinary action against one of the quints

Now that the quints are getting older, Adam and Danielle are attempting to establish new house rules. In this clip, Danielle and Adam instill a “one, two three,” rule in their house to the quintuplets who are all gathered around their kitchen table. As Danielle explains, one means stop, two means a warning, and three means a consequence. “I think this is something that could work for us,” Danielle tells the cameras — but it’s not long after the explanation to the girls when chaos ensues.

After Hazel fails to give back a toy, Danielle reaches “three” in her countdown and sends her to her room. “The one child that usually follows all the rules … the most polite child we have, chooses the night we’re having a family meeting to choose to disobey,” Adam laughs to the cameras. It was at this point that Danielle mentioned having to scold Hazel directly after explaining the new disciplinary law of the house made her feel like “the worst parent ever.”

Some fans critique the Busbys, but Adam is unafraid to call them out


Most OutDaughtered viewers understand how challenging childrearing can be, and they totally understand all of the parenting mishaps that may occur in the Busby household. Unfortunately, Adam and Danielle still have critics — but Adam has proven he’s unafraid to clap back. Good Housekeeping notes one Twitter user took issue with the fact that neither Adam or Danielle had removed the locks on the quints’ bedroom doors. “Geez, every parent should know you do not have bedroom doors with locks especially on toddler doors. Bad move there [sic],” the Twitter user stated. To that, Adam replied, “Hey we have a perfect parent joining us tonight! Welcome to the party! Thanks for all the great criticism…I mean advice….”

Lucky for the Busbys, many others jumped to their defense in the comment section, too. And overall, we love how upfront Adam and Danielle are regarding their own flaws as parents of six daughters — but fans also enjoy when the haters are silenced completely.

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