‘OutDaughtered’: Danielle Busby Says Having Her Oldest Daughter, Blayke, Was a ‘Long and Rough Road’

Danielle and Adam Busby may be relatively new to the reality TV world, but that they’ve still achieved quite the fan base thanks to their adorable little girls. TLC’s OutDaughtered features the couple along with their quintuplets who stand as the only all-female group of quints in the U.S. And we can’t forget they also have a sixth daughter, Blayke, who’s older than her sisters.

Fans love Danielle for how candid she gets on her blog. And she’s given OutDaughtered viewers plenty of insight into just how difficult getting pregnant was for her in the past. Here’s what she said about the “long and rough road” she had during her first pregnancy with Blayke.

Danielle explained her difficulties with pregnancy in the past

Danielle and Adam always knew they wanted to have kids, though having quintuplets, of course, was never in the plan. Regardless, the two were willing to go to great lengths to ensure they had kids together, though the road seemed long, difficult, and tiresome. “Once you have the marriage, the jobs, the house, the dogs…for us the next step obviously was a baby,” Danielle wrote on her It’s a Buzz World blog. “I remember being so excited that this was ‘IT,’ we were actually going to start trying to have a family. Adam and I both adore kids and we never ever imagined WE would have issues.”

After trying for several months and seeing many doctors, Adam was told his testosterone, sperm count, and motility were low. The couple then went forth with intrauterine insemination after Adam was put on a prescription to help. Danielle describes the entire ordeal as “costly, time-consuming, and stressful,” but of course, we know it worked not just once, but twice.

Having her daughter, Blayke, was the first hurdle before having the quints

We know Adam and Danielle best for their journey with the quintuplets, but having Blayke was one of their most joyous moments as a couple. As Danielle wrote on her blog, “There are no words to explain my love for my sweet Blayke. The journey it took to have her was a long and rough road…over 2 years of infertility.” And Danielle further explains that not only was attaining pregnancy difficult, but knowing no one else who had gone through the same struggle made it extra stressful for her and Adam.

As she wrote, “We didn’t know anyone who struggled with infertility or even if it’s something you should talk about. There were days, weeks and months where I was just so mad at the ‘why me…why us….why God why?!?'” Fortunately, Danielle sees her infertility journey in a different light now. As a religious woman, Danielle thinks her struggles were all part of a bigger plan for her from God. “I know that that ‘sucky part’ of my life was all part of MY Gospel story,” she continued.

Today, Blayke is 8 years old and thriving

It’s hard to believe Adam and Danielle had Blayke 8 years ago, but the little girl had her birthday back in April. “As you approach 8 years old today, I am so choked up with tears of just pure joy. You are leaving these ‘kid years’ and turning into a little lady so fast,” Danielle wrote on her blog.

It seems Blayke is quite the little helper when it comes to the quints, too. USA Today had an interview with Adam and Danielle, and they explained that Blayke is always willing to help the babysitters when it comes to the younger children. The Busbys still make plenty of one-on-one time for Blayke as well, of course. Back in October 2018, the family shared a clip of Blayke going to gymnastics class and having the spotlight on her for once. Danielle and Adam even took Blayke out for something special afterward to make sure she feels like an individual amongst all of her siblings. Not only that, but Adam also took his daughter out for a magical father-daughter dance that fans totally adored.

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