‘OutDaughtered’: Does 1 of the Busby Quints Have Serious Anxiety?

The Busbys may be relative newcomers to reality TV, but fans have already fallen in love with their huge family on OutDaughtered. The TLC show chronicles the lives of Adam and Danielle Busby as they take care of their toddler all-female quintuplets (the only ones in the U.S.) as well as their older daughter. And while the quints may be young, there’s no doubt they’re all starting to emerge with personalities of their very own.

The new season of OutDaughtered premieres on June 11, and we’re already getting glimpses on Instagram of what’s in store. According to one clip, it looks like one of the Busby quints may be dealing with anxiety, too.

There’s evidence to suggest that Parker may be clingier than her sisters

It’s been tough to tell the Busby quints apart, but now that they’re in full-blown toddler mode, their personalities are bound to come out more and more. TLC reminds us Parker Kate is the youngest of the quints, and while she’s lovable, she can also be a bit moody. We can’t forget the time she had a major temper tantrum during her dental check-up.

It seems Parker may be the one most likely to experience a bit of separation anxiety, too. Back in January of this year, Danielle posted this photo of her and Adam preparing for their date night — and Parker can be seen right behind her tugging on her dress. “Tried to sneak out the house for a date night…always gotta have someone pulling on me to stay home. And how funny…this time it’s PK. how dare Mommy go on a date with her Daddy,” Danielle captioned the post.

The new clip from OutDaughtered shows Adam and Danielle discussing Parker’s mental health

While evidence of the past shows Parker being a bit more emotional than the other quints, fans should prepare themselves for what’s to come. The OutDaughtered Instagram recently posted a clip showing what fans can anticipate seeing on the upcoming season, and we already see Parker being one of the major stars.

In one particularly interesting part of the clip, Danielle and Adam are seen speaking to one of Parker’s teachers — and the teacher seems to allude that Parker may have some sort of anxiety. “No matter what it is, Parker, when you put her in that spotlight, she just stops,” she tells the Busby parents. Parker is then seen crying in the clip later as Danielle says, “It could be something she grows out of.”

And yet another professional seems to offer insight about Parker to Adam and Danielle, too. “If you don’t see changes, you may want to talk with a psychologist,” she said. Could something serious be up with the child, or is she just an emotional 3-year-old? We may have to wait and find out.

Here’s what fans have to say

Fans have concerns over Parker’s mental health, and they’re sharing their thoughts in the comments section of the Instagram video. “So glad someone finally said something about Parker!” one fan wrote. “It’s very hard to watch her crying on screen, so I can only imagine how it is for Adam and Danielle. Hopefully they will get her checked out so she can have help managing what is clearly some form of anxiety.”

Others aren’t so sure it’s actually anxiety, however. Many think Parker may just be shy and not want the cameras in her face all the time. As another follower commented, “From what I have seen on the show, Parker has always been the more reserved type and an introvert. Maybe she just doesn’t want to answer the teacher’s questions with everybody looking at her and a camera in her face… Don’t think it’s a psychological issue.” And another echoed this same sentiment with, “Don’t worry I was just as shy as Parker. She will outgrow it.”

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