‘OutDaughtered’ Fans Are Calling Danielle and Adam Busby ‘Selfish’ For Making This Choice

They may be relative newcomers to the land of reality TV, but Adam and Danielle Busby still have a solid fan base thanks to how they’re portrayed on OutDaughtered. The couple has six daughters together — one older daughter and quintuplets. And fans adore how hard both of them work to ensure each child is happy, healthy, and taken care of.

Unfortunately, even the Busbys can’t escape criticism — and fans think they made one choice that made them appear quite selfish. Here’s what happened and what fans are saying.

Danielle and Adam Busby had mold in their home that was making their kids sick

So far on this season of OutDaughtered, we’re already seeing how fast the quints are growing up — and they’ve become quite a handful for Adam and Danielle. Unfortunately, the growing pains are just one obstacle the family has to overcome. After Ava became very sick an upper respiratory issue, People reports the Busbys found out their house was infested with mold. “The whole upstairs seems to be covered with mold and it’s really bad in Ava and Olivia’s room, so my stomach is turning over because the numbers are like, astronomical,” Danielle said.

Unfortunately, the mold issue was so bad that the Busbys needed to take immediate action to protect their health. All of their clothing needed to be washed, pillows and mattresses needed to be thrown away, and the quints had to sleep downstairs to get away from the spores. The mold inspector, Linda, told the couple, “And then you need a full-blown mold remediation contractor to come in and HEPA vacuum everything, clean everything. It’s a big process. If the tests pass, then you can live in it.”

They took refuge in Danielle’s sister’s house

Thanks to Danielle’s gracious sister, Crystal, the Busbys were able to have a place to stay away from their moldy home. In this clip, the quints are shown piling out of the car with all of their sleepover materials so they can stay at the home of Crystal and her husband, Dale — and the little girls couldn’t be more excited about the event. Danielle and Adam knew their daughters would be tough to manage for Dale and Crystal, however. “I’m a little bit worried about the quints because they’re so hard to handle these days,” Danielle mentioned to the cameras.

As soon as the family enters the new home, the quints cannot be tamed. “I’m already stressed out,” Dale mentions as the little girls start knocking lamps over, running around, and climbing over all their furniture — and Crystal looks visibly stressed by the whole ordeal. “Crystal makes it seem like it’s gonna be all perfect … but, I mean, they’re dangerous when they’re together, honestly,” he adds.

Fans think it was a completely selfish move

The sleepover at Dale and Crystal’s home certainly made for quality entertainment, but fans also took to social media to express how they felt about Danielle and Adam bringing all their kids over to a family member’s home.

On this Instagram clip of the sleepover, one fan commented, “I think it was very selfish to intrude on your sister’s household. You knew she wouldn’t say no you couldn’t stay but y’all should have gotten a hotel room. No way you should be moving eight people in someone’s home.” Another made note of how destructive the quints were by adding, “Then they went to the AUNTIE’s house and broke the lamp and just bad and 123 thing dose not work they need a belt on there butt [sic].” Yet another commented, “Those girls need discipline!!”

Despite the critique, Adam and Danielle did have a few people in their corner, too. One of their fans commented back, “family takes care of family and they had an extra room. You tried putting 8 people in 1 hotel room. It’s very inconvenient and if you have to get more then 1 room its expensive and splits up the adults [sic].” And the mold situation certainly wasn’t ideal for anyone. Let’s hope they get it all figured out and can get out of Crystal and Dale’s hair soon.

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