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There are plenty of famous and unusual families featured on TLC. But few are as wholesome and loved as the Busbys. Adam and Danielle Busby are known for having the first set of all-female quintuplets in the U.S., and they also have their older daughter, Blayke. Together, the couple takes us through their challenging lives as parents to six little girls in OutDaughtered.

Now, the quints are getting older. While we remember when they were toddlers, they’re now 4 years old, and they’re all developing their own unique personalities, too. We know Riley Busby as the leader of the pack. And some fans of the show are talking about how Riley might have her own room in the house, too. Here’s what they’re saying.

Riley Busby is known as the smartest quintuplet

It’s not easy keeping up with quintuplets. While Adam and Danielle had their hands full when the quints were babies, it’s getting even harder now that they’re kids. And Adam and Danielle have already had to make some majorly difficult decisions regarding the quintuplets’ schooling.

The Busby couple took the quints to get evaluated at their school. Through the testing, they found Riley’s scores were off the charts. This meant she was encouraged to go forth into kindergarten way ahead of her sisters, though it wasn’t easy for Adam and Danielle. Dividing the quints in their education early on could impact the rest of their schooling.

Even so, they enrolled Riley into kindergarten. And the tiny 4-year-old seems to thrive. “I know she’s a little bit younger than the rest of them but she’s doing really great, she’s learning,” one of Riley’s teachers told the preschool owner, Randi.

She’s also the most troublesome

Not only does Riley appear to be the most book-smart quint, but she’s also the most troublesome at home. During an episode of OutDaughtered from 2017, Danielle scolded her daughter for acting out.

In the episode, Riley overturned her bottle of milk — and Danielle called her out for purposely doing so. “Come on, you know better. You do this every night. Go sit. One minute!” the upset mom reacted.

“The girls are at that age where they’re really testing boundaries, so we’ve starting doing time-out for when they’re bad,” Danielle added. “Though Riley is usually the naughty one, she really does have a sweet, cuddly side to her. She wants to do good, but her personality just kind of gets in the way.”

When Adam and Danielle received Riley’s test scores, they also wondered if her high intelligence was causing her to become bored at home, which also could’ve influenced her behavior.

‘OutDaughtered’ fans are saying Riley has her own room

It looks like there’s even more speculation about Riley. On Feb. 14, the It’s a Buzz World Instagram page posted a photo of the quints and Blayke for Valentine’s Day. And a fan posted a question about the Busby house.

“I may have missed the room set up but Parker and Hazel are sharing a room. So Are Olivia ,Ava and Riley sharing a room?” a follower asked.

“Riley has her own room,” another follower answered.

As for why, another wrote, “pretty sure at one point they said she was the first to get up and would wake the other girls.”

“If they only have 5 bedrooms, I guess it makes sense that one of the quints would have her own room, and it had to be Riley,” another noted. “She’s the most boisterous and they probably didn’t want her to bother her sisters at night.”

We’re not sure exactly what the situation is, but OutDaughtered fans are on it. We’ll have to wait and see the next season of the show to check out what’s going on with the Busby household and if Riley truly does have her own space.

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