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Since they first appeared on reality TV, Adam and Danielle Busby have made a name for themselves thanks to their unusual family. They’re the parents of six daughters — one 8-year-old and the only set of all-female quintuplets in the U.S., who are 4 years old. It’s clear Adam and Danielle are amazing parents, but fans have also fallen in love with their kids. And as the girls age, it’s getting easier to tell them apart by their looks and personalities.

Of the few of the quintuplets have distinct features that set them apart (Hazel has glasses, for example). But there are two identical twins who fans still have a tough time differentiating. And one Instagram photo has everyone trying to guess who’s who.

Danielle Busby said all of the quints are starting to develop their own personalities

Danielle and Adam Busby have always been passionate about becoming parents. And while they never anticipated having quintuplets, they take one day at a time and do the best they can to accommodate all of their kids’ needs. While they certainly seem like superheroes to OutDaughtered viewers, parenting doesn’t come easy, however. And while dealing with five babies is hard, Danielle told Us Weekly that all of the quints are starting to come into their own personalities, making parenting even more of a challenge.

“It’s never easier, it’s just very different — the hard phases change,” Danielle told the publication. “And right now the challenge is we no longer have these kids that just listen to us, we now have six different opinions in the house …. The challenge is answering one at a time.”

OutDaughtered viewers have also gotten to see plenty of glimpses of the quints’ personalities, too. From Riley’s incredible intelligence to Hazel’s sweet demeanor and Parker’s shyness, it’s clear all of the kids are growing up to be totally different people.

Ava and Olivia are the identical twins amongst the quints

We often hear about the quintuplets as individuals, though Ava and Olivia are certainly the ones who get confused the most. The two are the identical twins of the family and are frequently seen together. Even Adam and Danielle have trouble telling them apart from time to time, as Danielle said in this blog post on her It’s A Buzz World blog.

“They are so similar but a bit different. … They find a bit of security when the other quint-twin is around. It really is unique seeing their extra bond while being a quintuplet,” Danielle wrote. And she also added that Ava and Olivia are often “dependent” on each other in various ways, like they must both be in the same room to go to sleep, and they often will go to the bathroom at the same time. “Adam (though he won’t admit gets them mixed up all the time, hahaha! I mean…I’m not going to lie, I say the wrong name at times but only because I’m trying to spout out the right name in general…and that is the truth haha,” she continued.

No one can tell them apart in this Instagram photo

With the quints now being 4 years old, telling them apart is getting easier — except, of course, in the case of Ava and Olivia. This recent Instagram photo posted by Adam shows the twins playing around, but fans noted they can’t tell them apart. As one follower commented, “omg they are sooo cute!!! i’m guessing olivia on the left ava on the right but i am so bad at telling them apart.” Another added, “It is going to be very hard to tell them apart, I sure can’t.” And many others commented with their guesses.

So, how can you tell Ava and Olivia apart? In Touch Weekly reports Adam said in a video that Olivia’s face is narrower and Ava’s head is bigger and face is rounder. It’s not too much to work with, but knowing these different characteristics certainly helps!

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