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Raising one child is hard enough, but for Adam and Danielle Busby, they’re managing to raise six young daughters and put it all on TLC’s OutDaughtered. The couple has an 8-year-old daughter, Blayke, as well as 4-year-old quintuplets. And they’ve been putting their lives on the small screen since the quints were just babies, as they feel it’s their calling to share their wonderful gift with the world.

There’s no doubt Adam and Danielle are amazing parents who love their children dearly and wouldn’t change their situation for anything in the world. But that doesn’t mean it’s easy. In fact, Adam and Danielle have gotten candid in the past regarding the difficulties they face as their kids get older — and Danielle’s recent Instagram post even shows just how exhausted she really is.

Danielle and Adam Busby stated how difficult it is to raise 6 daughters

Having six babies is definitely a challenge, but Adam and Danielle are now facing new difficulties as the quintuplets age. All of the quints are developing their own personalities, as Danielle explained on her personal blog. And keeping up with their wants and needs, treating them each as individuals, and caring for all of them at the same time is proving to take a ton of time and effort. Every once in awhile, Danielle takes to social media to remind her followers that being a mother takes a ton of hard work and effort, and she’s not here for any unnecessary critique.

During an interview with People, Adam also defended his parenting with Danielle and explained the critics have no legs to stand on with their commentary. “In world history, there have only been six parents who have dealt with raising all-girl quintuplets,” Adam said. “There’s nobody out there who knows the intricacy of the decisions we make.”

Danielle made an Instagram post explaining the importance of scheduling

Thanks to her It’s a Buzz World blog and Instagram, Danielle gets super candid with her followers outside of the show. And recently, she just got even more real about how she fits her ultra-packed schedule into one day. This Instagram post depicts her napping on the couch with two of the quints while one other sat close by. And in the caption, Danielle gave her tips for how she stays organized when she raises six daughters, runs the home, and owns her own business.

“I can tell you the biggest thing to managing your days between work and family life is a routine,” she wrote. I’m here to tell you that there is enough time in your days to do what you need to business wise and still be the wife & mom you want to be. I’m all for planning and schedule.” This isn’t the first time she’s mentioned the vital importance of keeping an organized plan, too, as she even prioritizes her date nights with Adam and keeps those in mind on her weekly schedule in order to maintain a healthy marriage.

“On Mondays I write down absolutely everything I need to do for the week, work & family related. From business meetings, to emails, to appointments, to lunch dates, to play dates, and also date night,” she wrote. Not only that, but Danielle also added that taking the time to slow down and take time for love and cuddling is just as important as productivity.

Fans think she looks totally wiped out

Fans are loving what Danielle wrote about keeping a schedule, and they also adored her for showing her at her most exhausted, as that’s a side of motherhood that’s rarely publicized. “You look so tired,” one follower commented. Another wrote, “I love this picture because its reality. Thank you. Love your show and little ladies.” Yet another added, “Poor Danielle, I am not surprised she is tired keeping up with six kids.”

Despite how tired Danielle may look in the photo, we know she feels blessed to have her kids and share her experience via reality TV. And she certainly has plenty of lifelong fans who appreciate exactly who she is. We’re excited to see the premiere of the next season of OutDaughtered this October!

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