‘OutDaughtered’ Fans Think Parker Busby Is Really Coming Out of Her Shell

OutDaughtered fans have been watching the Busby quints for years. They’ve seen the five little girls — Ava, Olivia, Hazel, Riley, and Parker — grow from babies into rambunctious five-year-olds. They’ve observed the family’s various struggles and successes and witnessed as each quint develops her own unique personality. But over the years, one particular quint has caught the eye of OutDaughtered viewers. Some fans of the TLC reality show noticed that Parker Kate often seems anxious and stressed. But a recent Instagram post from dad Adam Busby has them thinking Parker might be getting over her anxiety. 

Parker Kate is the shyest of the ‘OutDaughtered’ quints 

Parker Busby pulling an inner tube
Parker Busby | TLC

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OutDaughtered viewers think that Parker is the shyest of the Busby girls. Adam and Danielle Busby have also noticed that their daughter suffered from more anxiety than her sisters. A Christmas performance led to some serious tears, and she was sometimes visibly uncomfortable in front of the cameras. Her parents were concerned enough about the issue to have Parker evaluated by an occupational therapist. 

“Parker hates new things and being in the spotlight,” Danielle explained during a 2019 episode of OutDaughtered. The occupational therapist who met with Parker said that she wanted to try to find out why the little girl was “shutting down” in certain situations. Parker’s anxiety might even have been causing her to fall behind her siblings in school. 

Adam Busby shares a sweet photo of Parker  

Fortunately, Parker seems to be making progress in getting over her shyness. In recent months, Fans of the family’s show noticed that she seems happier and more at ease in photographs. That definitely seems to be the case in a recent image shared by Adam on Instagram. On June 27, the proud papa shared a picture of the smiling five-year-old. 

“When she asks for a picture, you take the picture,” he wrote. 

“So precious,” one commented.

Parker seems to be making progress 

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After Adam shared the photo, fans immediately noticed that Parker seemed so much more confident than she used to be. 

“Parker is coming out of her shell a lot. I am so happy for her!” one person commented. 

Others said that Parker was “blossoming” and “getting so much more confident.” 

Another person noted that having the quints enrolled in different classes at school seems to have been good for Parker. When the girls started pre-K, Adam and Danielle put Parker in a class with Olivia. That gave her some space away from the big sibling group but also meant she had someone to turn to in an unfamiliar setting. 

“The quints are all so different and we think splitting them up the way we did is what is best for each of them,” Danielle wrote on the family’s blog. “Parker does not necessarily want to be in a class with her sisters (lol) but when it comes to new situations or places, she does best with a sibling on her side.” 

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