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OutDaughtered is officially coming back with a new season, and we can’t wait to see what the Busbys will be up to next. Fans know and love Adam and Danielle Busby, as they’re the parents of the first set of all-female quintuplets in the U.S. Over the years, we’ve watched the Busby quints grow up, develop their own personalities, and go through their own trials. But we can’t forget that Adam and Danielle also have an older daughter, Blayke.

Blayke adores her younger siblings and seems like a big help to her busy mom and dad. And she’s starting to look exactly like Danielle in photos. Danielle posted a photo of Blayke to Instagram, and fans thought they were looking at Danielle at first. Here’s what they’re saying.

Blayke Busby turned 9 years old in April 2020

April’s a big month for the Busbys, as it’s when all six of the kids have birthdays. And 2020 certainly looked different than usual. Danielle posted about her children’s’ birthday celebrations during quarantine for the coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic on her It’s a Buzz World blog. And, of course, Blayke got her own special shoutout for turning 9 years old.

“Blayke – She still has such a sweet soul. She is always so thoughtful. The best big sister! She loves to learn, especially about all kinds of animals,” Danielle described on the blog. “This year has brought on a lot more confidence in her, and we have loved seeing this. She tried out volleyball this year and also got a guitar! She never stops surprising me with her wanting to know more and more everything.”

Her 5 younger siblings really seem to look up to her

It’s clear that Blayke loves being a big sister, though Adam and Danielle had concerns that she’d feel left out once the quints were born. An OutDaughtered clip shows the parents struggling with how to make sure Blayke felt included even with so many siblings arriving.

“We go from having one daughter that’s our complete world to now she’s having to share us. And how is she gonna handle this?” Adam questions in the clip.

Ultimately, prior to the birth of the quints, Adam and Danielle created a presentation involving T-shirts to tell Blayke how many siblings she was going to have. The T-shirts initially showed that the family was expecting four girls and one boy, though later, we know it turned out to be all girls. Regardless, Blayke seemed excited at the prospect of helping out even though she was just 3 or 4 years old at the time.

Fast forward five years, and Blayke seems to be an incredible big sister. “He created you knowing you would be given a huge responsibility to become a BIG SISTER, and not many little girls could adapt well with having quintuplet sisters,” Danielle wrote on the blog, “but you amaze me every day with the motherly love you have for your sisters!” 

Many think Blayke is growing up to look just like Danielle


‘OutDaughtered’: Danielle Busby Says Having Her Oldest Daughter, Blayke, Was a ‘Long and Rough Road’

Now that Blayke is 9, she’s starting to really take after Danielle — and fans noticed. On May 4, Danielle posted a photo of Blayke doing handstands on the beach. “Blayke did the perfect handstand on the beach….wonder who she takes after, lol!” the proud mom captioned the post. And fans were convinced it was Danielle on the beach at first.

“Wow! Blayke is so big! I thought that pic was Danielle until I read the caption,” a fan commented.

“Wow! She’s gotten so tall and legs for days! Awesome Job! Thought it was Danielle!” another added.

Yet another asked Danielle, “is that Blayke I thought it’s you!!”

It looks like Blayke is slated to be a mini-me of Danielle. We’re excited to see more of the oldest Busby child on the new season of OutDaughtered.

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