‘OutDaughtered’: Parker Busby Might Be Getting More Used to the Cameras Now

TLC viewers have been watching OutDaughtered for years, and we’re falling more and more in love with the Busby family with each passing season. They haven’t been on reality TV for as long as some others, but Adam and Danielle Busby are genuine, kind, and caring. And of course, we’re always interested to see what they’re up to with their 4-year-old quintuplets and 8-year-old daughter.

The Busby quints are growing up fast and developing their own personalities. And Parker Busby gets a lot of attention, as she’s the shyest of the bunch and appears to have anxiety. Adam posted a video that shows she may be getting used to the cameras, however. Here’s what happened.

Doctors evaluated Parker Busby for her anxiety

Those who watch OutDaughtered know Riley is the smartest quint, Ava and Olivia are the goofiest quints, and Hazel appears to be the sweetest quint. But Parker is known for having serious anxiety. Throughout the series, Parker’s had major freakouts during dental appointments, various outings with her sisters, and events, like singing Christmas songs, that should be fun for the kids. And this led Danielle and Adam to get a medical opinion on the issue.

Adam and Danielle documented their trip to an occupational therapist for Parker. “I’m glad we’re taking this step and I’m hoping that we just come away with it with a better understanding of how we can help her,” Adam mentioned in a clip from the show.

As for what the occupational therapist thought, she noted Parker’s very sweet, but also very shy. “When I would ask her questions she really didn’t respond. She would look towards her parents,” the OT said.

Her anxiety may be causing her to fall behind in school

While Parker’s anxiety may just be something she works through as she gets older, it seems it may already be starting to hold her back. When the preschool owner, Randi, spoke to Adam and Danielle about placing the quints in pre-K or kindergarten, she noted they all were making progress — but Parker wasn’t progressing as fast.

Randi told Adam and Danielle that she recommended many of the quints move up to upper-rotation pre-K. “But, academically, I have a little bit of reservation moving Parker up,” Randi noted. “What I don’t want to do is put her in upper rotation and then struggle. That’s my concern. She internalizes, as we all know.”

It seems Adam and Danielle also have different philosophies regarding how to help Parker. While Adam wants to push his daughter to get outside of her comfort zone, Danielle thinks Adam pushes too much and isn’t always helpful.

Parker might be getting more used to the cameras now

While the Busbys are featured on OutDaughtered, Adam has his own personal vlog on YouTube under the name It’s a Buzz World. He posted a video of his family on Dec. 26, 2019, showing them preparing for their appearance on Good Morning America. And there’s a moment with Parker that shows she may actually be getting way more used to the cameras being around her all the time.

Parker’s seen speaking to one of the women on the set — and the woman gave Parker a camera of her own to hold and record with. Parker’s then seen following her parents and her sisters around with the camera. And she appears happy and confident as she’s holding it before the Good Morning America segment and after.

“She’s going to be a producer one day,” someone says in the background when referring to Parker. Adam also mentioned that Parker likes to be in front of the camera, too, despite her anxiety.

Busby fans commented on the video about Parker, too.

“Parker taking the camera says so much. Give that girl a camera all the time. She looked so happy!!!” one follower commented.

“Looks like Parker is more comfortable around people now,” another wrote.

“And nice to see Parker wasn’t stressed at all – she even took charge of the camera,” yet another added.

We’re happy to see Parker (and all the Busbys) doing so well, and we’re excited to see what they have in store for 2020!

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