‘OutDaughtered’: Riley Busby Might Be the Smartest of the Busby Quints

The Busbys may still be getting their feet wet in the world of reality TV, but there’s no doubt they’ve found a home on TLC’s OutDaughtered. Danielle and Adam Busby have the first set of all-female quintuplets in the United States, and in addition to their older daughter, Blayke, that means the busy couple has their hands full with six children.

The quintuplets were difficult to tell apart when they were babies — but now that they’re 4, their personalities are really starting to shine through. And it looks like Riley is starting to lead the pack in terms of who may be the smartest.

The Busby quintuplets recently went through their first preschool evaluation on OutDaughtered

The quints are growing up fast, and it’s hard to believe they’re already all standing out with their own personalities and quirks. According to this TLC clip from the show, the five little girls also went in for a preschool evaluation to see how far along with their mental development they are. “We’re getting the results to the quints’ evaluations tomorrow,” Danielle said in the clip. “It’s impossible not to worry, I mean they were extreme preemies.”

The clip shows the quints answering simple questions related to shapes, letters, and colors, and it seems some of them clearly were more attentive than others. Hazel and Riley seemed to answer many of the questions correctly, while Parker, for example, seemed to freeze up when asked the specifics. At the end of the clip, when two of the quints were asked if they loved school, they seemed completely divided here, too, as Riley claimed she didn’t enjoy learning.

Riley’s score was off the charts

Before Danielle and Adam received the quints’ test results, Randi, the preschool owner, explained to them that the average score is a 40 in this clip. For this reason, if any of the quints got a score above a 40, they were considered to be right on track. And it seems Riley’s the one who really blew the test out of the water.

Randi explains that Riley scored way above where she ever expects a child to be at her age. “She scored an 84. That’s very unusual.” Randi then went on to say that they gave Riley a second test, and the child then scored a 68 on this one, too. “If we can get her to scoring about an 84 on test three, I want us to really look at putting her in the advanced placement class, which is a really big deal,” the preschool owner added.

Adam and Danielle were excited to hear about how advanced Riley is — but it also led to additional concerns that she may become bored at home if she’s not getting enough mental stimulation. “I’m starting to wonder if she’s bored and if that’s why she always acts up,” Danielle added.

It seems Hazel may be the most independent of the quints, however

Riley may stand out as the smartest quintuplet (at least in terms of preschool testing), but it’s Hazel who may be the most independent of the group. Hazel also scored well on her test, and Randi explained the little quint will position herself in the front of the room, too. Not only that, but Danielle mentioned Hazel’s independent nature on her It’s a Buzz World blog.

“Hazel is so independent and could care less if her sisters are in same room as her…she is super social and confident, she will do amazing meeting new friends,” Danielle wrote. And Randi also noted that Hazel seems to love the boys, too. Could she be the most social of the bunch — and in the end, could this cause some distress for Danielle and Adam when the quints start dating later in life? We can’t wait to find out.

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