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We’ve been keeping up with the Busbys for years thanks to TLC’s OutDaughtered. Adam and Danielle Busby first attained fame for having the only set of all-female quintuplets in the U.S., and in total, they have six daughters all under the age of 9. That’s a lot of little girls running around — and Adam and Danielle make sure to chronicle their parenting for all the world to see.

Not only have we watched the Busby kids grow up, but we’ve also seen all the drama go down between the Busbys and the home they grew up in. After a mold infestation, they had to move out into a temporary place. And a clip from OutDaughtered shows the quints still miss their original home, which they dub their “sick house.”

Adam and Danielle Busby discovered mold growth in their home

Mold is a serious issue that can lead to illness, and the Busbys experienced this firsthand in their old home. Back in June 2019, People reported that Adam and Danielle knew something was amiss when Ava, one of the quints, came down with a severe respiratory illness. And it turns out they had a mold infestation that required emergency evacuation.

“All of the clothing can be washed. Pillows will need to be discarded. Mattresses need to be discarded,” Linda, the mold inspector, told Adam and Danielle. “And then you need a full-blown mold remediation contractor to come in and HEPA vacuum everything, clean everything. It’s a big process. If the tests pass, then you can live in it. We don’t know for sure, but it may be fine.”

Ultimately, this led the Busbys to move out of their home and into a temporary rental unit.

Danielle noted aspects of her home she misses

Adam and Danielle did the best they could in accommodating their kids when choosing a rental unit. But a clip from OutDaughtered showed the couple looking at the “sick house” soon after the mold was discovered — and they could tell it would be an ultra-long process before they could ever move back in.

“Our house right now is just completely unrecognizable. Everything is wrapped in plastic and taped up and they had to rip out the carpet and the baseboards,” Adam said in the clip. “I really thought that it’d be further along by now.”

Danielle talked to Good Housekeeping in July regarding their home situation, too. While she mentioned their rental home has a lot of nice qualities, she really misses aspects of the original space.

“I miss my big, big kitchen,” she told the publication. “It’s a give and take on lots of different things … there are things about my home that are getting repaired that I miss so much.”

Adam and Danielle mentioned the quints miss their old house

The quints are just 4 years old, but they’re getting to the age where they’re starting to remember their life in their old house. And it seems they may miss their “sick house” a lot.

In a Christmas clip from OutDaughtered, Adam and Danielle discussed their attempts at making their new place home for their kids — but the transition wasn’t easy. “I think the move has been hard on everyone, but the quints most of all,” Danielle told the cameras.

“Also, this is truly the first time in their lives that they remember what Christmas was like the year before,” Adam added.

When the quints were getting all set up for their annual Christmas play, Riley then piped in about their old home, too. She told Danielle she didn’t want to go to the play because “I want to stay at my sick home.”

“We’ve been in this house for a couple weeks now and the girls are still talking about our old house,” Danielle told the cameras. “I’m worried it’s because that’s where they remember Christmas last year.”

While the girls might miss their old home, there’s no doubt they had a lovely holiday season thanks to their amazing parents and close family. We’re hoping the Busbys will be able to move into their old home once it’s healthy again!

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