The Cast of ‘Outer Banks’ Realized a Major Plot Hole in the Final Episode

Outer Banks is one of the most binge-worthy Netflix series to date. After watching season 1, many fans had a lot of questions about some of the plot points in the storyline of Outer Banks.

In the first season, there was one major plot hole that left fans of the show — and the actors who star in it — extremely confused.

[Spoiler Alert: If you haven’t watched Outer Banks Season 1, spoilers ahead.] 

'Outer Banks' Season 1 plot hole
Cast of ‘Outer Banks’ | Netflix

How ‘Outer Banks’ Season 1 ended  

John B’s father, “Big John,” went missing trying to find the gold that sunk with the Royal Merchant ship. When John B discovered Sarah Cameron’s father, Ward, was the one responsible for his dad’s death, he decided to stop at nothing to get his hands on the gold. 

At the end of season 1, Ward shipped the $400 million in gold to the Bahamas. Realizing how evil her father was, Sarah Cameron choose John B over her family. Together, they took JJ’s borrowed boat out to sea in the middle of a tropical storm — oh, the things we do for love. 

The major plot hole in ‘Outer Banks’ Season 1

Miraculously, John B and Sarah survive the storm. The next day, they’re found clinging to what’s left of the boat. Using a piece of gold the Pogues previously melted down, Sarah captured the attention of a passing ship, who brought her and John B to safety. 

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Once on the boat, one of the crew members asked John B if there was anyone he could call to let them know he and Sarah were OK. John B replied: “I don’t really have anybody to call.”

Fans were surprised at his reaction, considering how close John B was to his group of Pogue friends. They were more like family to him than anyone else, so why wouldn’t he let them know he was alright?

The ‘Outer Banks’ cast addressed the plot hole

Entertainment Tonight addressed the misstep in an interview with JJ’s Rudy Pankow, Kiara’s Madison Bailey, and Pope’s Jonathan Daviss. They were asked why they thought John B chose not to call the Pogues. “That’s a good point, you know?” Pankow replied.

“We were wondering that ourselves,” Daviss added. “You don’t know if anybody could tap those phone calls.” Bailey had other thoughts. “Maybe they didn’t know where we were after that,” she said, justifying John B’s actions. “Maybe they thought we were in custody with the police and they were like ‘Well I can’t call them!'”

‘Outer Banks’ had multiple endings 

John B’s choice not to call his friends wasn’t always the intended ending for Outer Banks Season 1. “There were actually multiple endings,” Pankow explained. “We didn’t know if we wanted to end with the Pogues knowing he’s alive, or [thinking] he’s dead. I like the way we went, with the giant cliffhanger. I was just like, ‘Dang, that sets up season 2,'” he added.

Will ‘Outer Banks’ get a season 2? 

Like Pankow, fans are hopeful for another season of the hit series. Fortunately, showrunner Jonas Pate is already working on the second season. ““It turns out being quarantined and writing is practically the same,” Pate told USA Today. “With all the turmoil over the first season, from the loss of his father to his friends thinking he is dead, there are just so many variables to look at from a thousand-foot overview.”

Pate, along with his collaborators Josh Pate and Shannon Burke, imagined the series to be a “four season-novel,” which means there’s potential for three more seasons of the Netflix series.