‘Outer Banks’: What the Cast Has to Say About Season 3

Outer Banks has not yet received an official renewal from Netflix for season 3. But thanks to the show’s domination of the streamer’s charts worldwide ever since season 2 dropped on July 30, it seems inevitable that Outer Banks will get at least one more season.

Here’s everything the cast and crew has to say about season 3 of the popular mystery drama.

'Outer Banks' stars Rudy Pankow, Madison Bailey, Carlacia Grant, Jonathan Daviss, Chase Stokes, and Madelyn Cline sitting around a fire in season 2
‘Outer Banks’ stars Rudy Pankow, Madison Bailey, Carlacia Grant, Jonathan Daviss, Chase Stokes, and Madelyn Cline | Jackson Lee Davis/Netflix

There isn’t a master plan for ‘Outer Banks’ season 3

According to executive producer Jonas Pate, there isn’t a detailed “master plan” for season 3 of Outer Banks. However, he did tease that Limbrey (Elizabeth Mitchell) and Big John (Charles Halford) could team up.

“Limbrey has been aligned with Big John in the past, so it’s definitely a likely way we will go,” Pate explained.

The EP also mentioned that the season 1 treasure hunt for gold and season 2’s Cross of Santo Domingo would become part of a “larger mythology” in season 3.

Star Chase Stokes hopes to beat the ‘Netflix curse’

Chase Stokes — who plays John B. — told TV Line that the hope is to continue telling the Outer Banks story “for a couple more seasons.” This would get the teen drama past the infamous “Netflix curse,” which sees many of their original series axed after season 3.

Stokes promises that the next season will be an emotional one for his character since it appears he’s about to find out that his dad is alive. The actor pointed out that his character’s father wasn’t “swept away by a natural disaster.” Instead, it was his choice to leave his son.

“What does it look like when a kid comes face-to-face with a parent who’s left and chose to put him in these circumstances and has no idea what has happened in the meantime?” Stokes said.

One ‘Outer Banks’ star believes this moment will strengthen John B and Sarah’s relationship

Charles Esten (Ward Cameron) says that his character’s altercation with John B in season 2 was “a really amazing moment” that was “very Star Wars.” He believes it will end up making John B’s relationship with his daughter Sarah (Madelyn Cline) even stronger in future episodes.

“‘What’s more important now? Is it my dark side? Do I satisfy my dark side in this moment? Or — she’s my light. She’s my light side. Do I go in that direction?’ That’s what those decisions are all about. That’s why he’s our hero and [Ward] is not,” Esten said.

Charles Esten says the writers don’t even know what’s coming next

As for what’s coming in season 3, Esten says the story could go absolutely anywhere. He added that the writers don’t even know what they are going to come up with next — and that’s what he loves about them.

“It’s almost, like, if Houdini did a magic trick and goes, ‘OK, I’m going to put myself in this straight jacket and hang myself upside down by this chain, and this train is coming,’ and people go, ‘How do you get out of it?’ And he goes, ‘I don’t know. I haven’t figured that part out yet!’” Esten said.

There is hope for JJ and Kiara in ‘Outer Banks’ season 3

Now that the relationship between Kiara “Kie” Carrera (Madison Bailey) and Pope (Jonathan Daviss) has failed, viewers could see her and bestie JJ (Rudy Pankow) get together in season 3. Showrunner Josh Pate told Entertainment Weekly that teen romance and teen soap are a big part of the show.

“We wanted to explore the Ki-Pope relationship but obviously, we’re aware of how the fans feel about JJ and Ki, we wanted to tease that for the third season,” Pate explained.

“We didn’t want to do it immediately, but we definitely want to do it just because that took us by surprise, like, the audience’s reaction to JJ and Kiara and rooting for that romance. So we were immediately open to it because it seems like an interesting idea to explore but we kind of left it for season 3.” 

Seasons 1 and 2 of Outer Banks are available on Netflix.

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